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30th > August > 2011 Archive

Facebook pays bounties of $40,000 in first 3 weeks

$5,000 'for one really good report'

Wikileaks shock: US watches tech news as well

Turn on your irony detectors

Google's anonymity ban defied by Thomas Jefferson

Open...and Shut'Twas commentards defeated the Brits

Paper Camera

Android App of the WeekFilter tips

NHS digital pens: The 'Total Solution'

Will need special software to read doctors' handwriting

Samsung outs Bada 2.0 smartphone trio

Tidal wave of Waves

Tribunal: ICO was wrong to bin angry man's FOI request

Council tenant's request wasn't 'vexatious', so there

HP Pre 3 punters peeved as expected price cut is a no show

Pre bargains fail to materialise

RAM prices set to 'free fall'

Tablet love is cutting suppliers' throats

Red Hat's Aeolus to 'out-Linux' Rackspace's cloud

OpenStack with a Fedora twist

Pirate Bay founders launch new cyberlocker

Yarr! Sue me again

Sony e-book reader line to get multi-touch screen

PRS-T1 specs leak

Next-gen Atom benchmarks show big boost for GPU

Not much change to the CPU's abilities, mind

Fake Facebook spam cannon fires double-shotted malware

Duff Flash on top of Blackhole, both packed with ZeuS

Foxconn reports $17.6m 1st-half loss as robot legion grows

Company that actually makes everything struggles

Virtualization is the new hardware, says virt kingpin

VMworld'I feel I can die now' - VMware chief Maritz

Wacom intros scribble-saving wireless ink pen

Digitise your doodles

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft

'Aargh, this crazy UI is strangling meee', wail users

AT&T merger with T-mobile countdown restarted

AT&T&T-mobile mobezilla now to birth next year

Ten... gaming headsets

Product Round-upHear my player

VMware reaches deeper into iPad, Android, desktop

VMworldNice View while watching the Horizon

Toshiba gen-three tablet set for IFA intro

Third time lucky with Excite?

DARPA wants a working manned starship for $500k

Mere seed money for mighty humanity-saving organisation

Beyonce's belly: Most important thing ever, on Twitter

Bootylicious popster's baby bump busts all records

Tablet wars set for Apple vs Amazon head-to-head

Content is king. Especially if it subsidises hardware

Commentard-triggered and Web-2.0 lawsuits on the rise

Yow! Numbers double to, er, 16 in a year

What vegetables are best for growing in Spaaace?

Grim diet of turd-garden cabbage, spinach for Mars 'nauts

Schmidt bewails Blighty's boffin-v-luvvie culture clash

CommentYou Limeys and your rubbish school IT courses

We didn't leak names of US agents, insists WikiLeaks

'Drooling, senile and evil' big media is made of lies!

Sky makes iPad trolley for square-eyed shoppers

Supermarkets set for CHAOS

Elgato readies iPad 2 TV tuner dongle

Freeview on the freeway

Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law

What countries permit you to have an ID-free phone?

£69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website

Company willing to discuss sales options

Tony Sale, 'Colossus' crypto machine rebuilder, dies at 80

ObituaryBletchley Park founding father and top MI5 scientist

World ostracizes firm that issued bogus Google credential

DigiNotar says it was breached ... but little else

Apple's iTunes Match music service goes beta

Sorry, world+dog: US developers only

VMware, Cisco stretch virtual LANs across the heavens

VMworld 2011VXLAN virtualizes Layer 3 networks

Apache squashes 'devastating' bug under attack

Byte range vuln exposed servers to crippling DoS exploit

VMware sneak-peeks future 'disruptive' cloudy tech

VMworld 2011Rein in file sharers, run vanilla desktop apps in browsers

Accenture and Telstra open cloud lab

Making the cloud work for Australia

Did Google certificate forgers hit hundreds more sites?

Google Chrome blacklists 247 credentials

Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

'Listen while you download' – with restrictions

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