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26th > August > 2011 Archive

Telstra adds Red Hat to cloud offering

Also signals local hosting of Office 365

Cloud now top of Mac Tel’s list

Bit-pipe no more

Java arrives on Heroku code cloud

J2EE containers snuffed

Gov outlines Criminal Records Bureau successor

Here comes the Protecting Your Freedom Bureau. Outsourced

Vogel's RingO iPad mounting system

Accessory of the WeekFix your fondleslab to the wall, to the car

IDLENESS sees Brits haemorrhage cash to mobe firms

Refuse to switch, wander into shops like mooncalves

Nikon reheats Coolpix range

See no EVIL

HP's UK PC boss: We're going nowhere

TouchPad's on fire since we cancelled it!

World telly shipments stall

Q2 not good for set makers

Cyber cops arrest man, 61, for menacing chick-lit MP

Perhaps not an Anonymous/LulzSec kiddy after all

Google slides Slide into the bin after spending $228m

Levchin refuses to mourn as he drives off in gold car

Samsung to show Galaxy Tab revamp next week

The mysterious 'Galaxy Note' too

After Jobs: Apple and the Cult of Disruption

There'll be another one along in a minute

Post-Jobs Apple: New research shows Cook will do fine

Performance as CEO all a matter of how wide your head is

A Farewell to Oates: Adios, El Reg

<Gets his coat>

Community Radio: On the wavelength of hopeless dreams

New players crowd in to set up hobbyist stations

Game denies Steam threat claims

Allegations that retailer pressured publishers are just hot air

Network switching is having a light bulb moment

Adapting to server density

Samsung SH100 14Mp Wi-Fi compact camera

ReviewCall the shots from your smartphone

Ferocious Asian mindshare assault preserves Asus

Hopes that aggressively penetrated China will go Eee

BlackBerry handsets will be able to run Android apps

Hope to make the RIM job trivially easy for devs

Android bakes bitter 20th birthday cake for Linux

The fork's tines are forking: This is a tree, not cutlery

Silence ≠ 'yes', watchdog tells lustful ad-biz bakers

You can't just force cookies down people

eBay biz millionaires proliferate as high street suffers

Only infested rugs and defective lava lamps can save us

Stephen on Steve: The most important man on Earth

'He completely changed the way that human beings live'

Nokia dishes out $10m in developer prizes

Finns' sparkly balls come top

Acer to announce ultrabook at IFA

Skinny laptop inbound

Google dumps TV flop on UK

US users spat out the Chocolate box

Google+ offers new 'Ignore' feature

Talk to the hand option

Mac Lion blindly accepts any LDAP password

'Huge hole' threatens enterprise networks

Mozilla WebAPI: Champion of open source freedom

Open...and ShutGoogle? Not so much – but who cares?

Phishing email used in serious RSA attack surfaces

13 words upend the world's security

Supercomputer and superboffins spot rare baby supernova

Dark matter secrets probed

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