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25th > August > 2011 Archive

Apple shares drop after Jobs resignation

Trading suspended before reveal

Apple after Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs' Apple

AnalysisHe can resign. But he'll never leave

PHP lands on VMware's Cloud Foundry

Open source code cloud multiplies

Autodesk Fluid FX

iOS App of the WeekSend your pictures round the blend

Scotland seeks £100m IT hardware deal

Framework for public sector

Nokia pitches cheapest voicephones yet

Fancy a two-Simmer for £22?

Ofcom pilots paid-for voting and compo rules for broadcasters

Now you can pay online to kick Sally off Big Brother

Acer insists fondleslab 'fever' is fading

It would say that, wouldn't it?

The Torvalds of Drupal pledges HTML5 mobile love

DrupalCon LondonSo many coders, only one Dries

Sony Ericsson signals inbound Android 2.3.4

Firmware upgrades ahoy!

Server sales still growing strong

Maybe there's something to all this cloud talk

Woman in strop strip for Bermuda airport customs

'You want to see me naked, do it right fu*king here.'

Boffins cobble up phone-powering footwear

Walk to stop your gadgets running down

Virgin Media preps firmware update for glitchy SuperHub

Promises 'modem mode', calls for beta testers

Samsung's iOS rival gets multitasking and HTML5

Things can only get Bada

CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised'

New atomsmasher research into cloud formation

Microsoft unveils file-move changes in Windows 8

Aims to fix comical download/copy 'time to go' estimates

Seven Dwarfs password gag declared Fringe's best

'I knew my joke was the funniest joke of all the other jokes'

Social networks likely to snub Home Office in riot confab

Twitter may be irritating, but it doesn't cause looting

Home Office faces £500m demand in e-Borders sacking

US defence contractor still wants paying

Brit men descend from mammoth hunters, not farmers

'Of course it mammoth, woman. Ate rest on way back'

Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 hi-fi streamer

ReviewHi-res, networked musical box

French letter shock: Tax us more, demand rich people

CommentWell not specifically us, or we could just send a cheque

Samsung refuses to buy HP's PC business

Wealthy minnow refuses to swallow bloated whale

Blackberry BBM adds social music cloud

An interface that even riot youths can use has to be good

China Mobile becomes world's biggest mobe operator

Didn't need any iPhone deal either

US judge: Warrant required to access mobile location data

'We're getting too close to Orwell's 1984 Oceania'

Paintball round pops Bulgarian airbag

26-year-old in jub implant rupture shocker

That Firefox cookie leakage snafu explained

Cockup, not conspiracy

Post-Jobs run on overpriced Apple shares fails to occur

Markets more worried what'll happen to US gov, frankly

US Marines not allowed to fart in Afghanistan

Jarhead trouser-coughs 'could upset the locals'

UK cops charge alleged Anonymous hacker

Say he fired Low Orbit Ion Cannon at Wikileaks enemies

AMD finally manages to snare a CEO: Lenovo man Read

Here's your crown, sceptre, orb ... chalice

Keep calm and carry on networking, says

Tweeting while London burns is OK

Greyhound spatters Nashville with semen

Emergency cleanup as considerable ½-litre wad splurged

'Apple is not going to change,' new boss says

In case you thought otherwise

DIAMOND AS BIG AS A PLANET found, say Aussies

Colossal Jupiter-weight gemstone orbits far-flung pulsar

Firm at heart of biggest oil spill spews toxic web attack

Transocean's hosts malware exploits

AMD's new CEO bobs, weaves, says 'big' and 'fast' are good

Read reveals little in first day on the job

Mobile operators: US quake proves we need more spectrum

But 'no networks failed ...'

VMware's vSphere 5 hits the streets

'Up to four times more powerful'

Insulin pump maker ignores diabetic's hack warnings

Medtronic device susceptible to wireless tampering

NBN chief beancounter exits

The former Alcatel CFO set to retire from industry

Oz cybercrime bill passes on the nod, unchanged

Amendments recommended but ignored

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