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23rd > August > 2011 Archive

HP: webOS will still run PCs and printers

'We killed it. But it's not dead'

Oz A-G to host ISPs and copyright industry in ‘three strikes’ confab

Don’t spill blood on the carpet

God particle back in hiding

Champagne cork back in bottle

Apple MacBook Pro 17in 2011

ReviewFlagship quad-core notebook

VMware's open source doppelganger gets cloudy

Convirture does Amazon, Eucalyptus, OpenStack

Dell extends EqualLogic range

First iSCSI over DCB: Eat that

Docs and devs: Health secretary wants healthcare apps

Death, taxes and nurses

Storage world punch-up over whether VCE is a start-up

CommentEMC: $40m-a-quarter losses are 'expenses'

Ofcom mulls smackdown for rogue religious TV channel

Ribena is not the blood of Christ and won't cure cancer

Nintendo said to be readying replacement for 3DS

The eyes have it

Mystery railway buys 80 terabytes of Flash

'First all-silicon firm in Europe', murmurs source

Sony turns to augmented reality to sell tellies

See how your new set will look in situ

Amateur balloonists hit record 40,575m above East Anglia

Helium space orb glory marred by Antipodean beer insanity


Android App of the WeekThree-headed smartphone protection

Moaning Scots told 'cheer up FFS' on broadband cash

A third of the UK landmass - but 8% of the revenue

Detection systems guard against network intrusion

Prevention is better than cure

Boffins build powerful yet 'table-top size' atom-smasher

Suitcase plasma cannon collider surfs on friggin LASERS

iPhone app tracks Android-equipped Surrey cops

PC459 Is: <Giving a clip round the ear> To: <Your kid>

'The most ambitious project at eBay for a long, long time'

Inside the auction leviathan's search megaproject

Second e-petition hits 100K: Calls for Hillsborough docs

Brits mainly care about riots and football tragedy

Cloud music-locker ruling: MP3tunes claims '99% victory'

The 1% leaves Robertson still on the hook, however

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

ReviewAugmented realty

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the data centre

Always assume the horse has bolted

New Samsung-funded Flash disruptor uncloaks

Storage applecarts tumble like leaves in a gale

Samsung hawks ultra-fast gaming laptop

Loads of cache

Microsoft Hyper-V floats Chinese military Linux

Red cloud rising

Facebook, Twitter: Doing better than before Google+

Swelled visitor numbers in July ... bitch

BlackBerry Curve 9360 hits UK

Hands onAll fingers and thumbs

Nokia goes gold with sparkly smartphone

Bling ringer

iRumours: Flash sources point to cheap iPhone 4. Or 5

Or whatever

Google closes Android developer complaint forums

Silent support costs more, but it's less embarrassing

Facebook looks to gobble 7 more companies this year

Who wants to be Zuckerberg's new bitch?

Four months' porridge for 20-minute Facebook riot page

Bangor unsurprisingly did not burn to the ground

NASA to work on approved sci-fi books

Will feature a manned US space programme

New GPL licence touted as saviour of Linux, Android

Tough on lawyers, and on the causes of lawyers

EMC/Cisco virtual venture CEO vanishes

VCE chief disappears, like an old oak table

Hey, Music Industry. You're suing the wrong people

Open...and ShutPrice is the problem. Not pirates

Samsung says Apple lifted iPad from Kubrick's 2001

'I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't run Adobe Flash'

Nuke plant shut down after US earthquake

Diesel backups kick in

Ruby on Rails cloud envelops PHP shop

Orchestra plays in the Engine Yard

Hong Kong police cuff suspect in stock market attacks

Crashed website disrupted trading

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet goes on sale

iPad competitor touts business chops

Jesus Phone gives Sprint redemption 'this October'

Mobile soothsayers speak

Facebook revamps privacy settings (again)

Promises more control over who sees what

HP P10000 storage array more and less than expected

New ASIC, yes; SAS support, no

Juniper boosts Oz presence, waits for cash to rain from cloud

Vendor gets ready for cloud-based boom

Chinese PLA video shows cyber-attack software

How we kick the Falun Gong

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