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22nd > August > 2011 Archive

Telecom NZ invokes wrath of frisky rugby fans

No sex please, we’re All Blacks supporters

Sulphur-loving microbes might be oldest life

Life at Marble Bar close to life on Mars

Oracle's Sparc T4 chip: Will you pay Larry's premium?

Hot ChipsOomph for one thread. Or many

Sneaky tracking code (finally) purged from Microsoft sites

'Supercookies' eluded user privacy choices

Former Insight veep Akkerman rocks up at Rackspace

Channel warhorse gallops into the cloud

Big pharma discredited by Twitter drug-pushing: Official

Not supposed to punt prescription stuff to the public

Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

Contention ratio an issue, possibly?

Sony Ericsson outs social music smartphone

Walkman + Facebook + Android

TVOnics to add BBC iPlayer to DVRs

Catching up

Cabinet Office shuns open-source in IT-tracking deal

Maude's dept applies locks to 'level playing field' gate

UK, German Android-ers can buy apps on phone bills

Vodafone is the first domino to fall

LG lights up smartphone for the sunshine

Sage stuffed in Mind Your Own Business bid

Geordies scuppered by share prices

2012 to be year of the ultrabook

Notebook makers desperately seek novelty

Networks, handset makers vie for mobile dominance

Who's left standing following the WebOS train crash?

Skype gulps group app as it is swallowed by Microsoft

Redmond's in-house 'We're In' may in fact not be any more

Hotboxer Xiotech drops the 'tech', goes all-caps

No need to SHOUT

Osun MushRoom Green Zero USB charger

Geek Treat of the WeekCute carbon cutter

Detective on phone-hacking probe team is arrested

Dick cuffed after messy leaks

LOHAN rival to inflate bulging orbs with hydrogen

Trifling explosion hazard outweighed by greater buoyancy

Cookie respawning, history sniffing case dropped

Ad network didn't cause enough harm, says US judge

National web-2.0 dogturd photo scheme goes live

UK to collect mighty archive of poo snaps

Google unleashes Street View upon the Amazon

River, not webshop. Spy cars also to slurp Israel

iPhone 5 to include Japanese earthquake warning system

Jesus Phone saves

Neato Robotics XV-15 vacuum cleaner

ReviewAnother sucker joins the robot wars

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

StobWhich programming language to use on one's headstone?

Bundled music newbie Boinc aims for year-end launch

Remains to be seen if Beyond Oblivion actually is

Afghan coppers trained with Playmobil

Lego Taliban daren't mess with tiny no-nonsense lawmen

Rebel hackers seize Libyan domain name registry

Also much of meatspace capital

Windows Phone may be cheaper than Android - Inq boss

Free operating systems not unlike lunches, apparently

Marriage makes women get fat, divorce does same to men

Lonely swingbellies scoff chips once wife departs

WikiLeaks admits insider deleted loads of its data

We do have more than one source, honest. Well, we did

Celebrity Google+rs do need steenkin' badges

Choc Factory ID police erase 'Creepy Eric Schmidt'

Anonymous/LulzSec chick-lit MP kid threat pooh-poohed

Hacktivists would never use email; too nerdy for violence

German authorities park tanks on Facebook's lawn

Wir verlangen ein Abneigungsknopf … weibchen

Ultra-cheap HP TouchPads to hit UK at 6pm

Put it on the slate

IBM's BlueGene/Q super chip grows 18th core

Hot ChipsIt's nice to have a spare

Coders breathe Android into dead HP fondleslab

Resuscitation by Google desserts

NetApp Flash Cache for no cash

FAS 6000s only

PHP users warned to stay away from latest update

5.3.7 marred by serious crypto bug

Poulson Itaniums hit 'Replay' for reliability

Hot ChipsNew instructions, better HyperThreading

Skitch gets stitched by Evernote

Another Aussie digital start-up heads to the Valley

Skype bug may expose users to malicious code

UpdatedSkype: Does not. Researcher: Does so

AMD gooses low-power Fusion chips

Faster clocks, better graphics, improved battery life

Apple rumor mill predicts 'all new Mac'

Un-Mac Mac arrives 'this year'

CSC secures A$25m utility deal

10-year history stays electric

Ukrainian authorities charge four in huge carder ring

$20 million in alleged harm

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