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19th > August > 2011 Archive

Apotheker prescribes transformation elixir for HP

Down the hatch, dinosaur

Better sunspot forecasts on the way

The weather: cloudy with a chance of global IT disruption

Apple augments reality, tells you where to go

Patent filing stokes iPhone Maps app

HP chief bows to Jobsian cult

The tablet Apple effect

AES crypto broken by 'groundbreaking' attack

UpdatedFaster than simply brute-forcing

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

ReviewThe latest in riot gear

ISS 'naut shoots first ever 3D footage in space

3D VidAt last something to watch on 3D telly

ID and Passport Service uncloaks 2012 online plans

Apply for a Brit passport from anywhere in the world

Sony preps Luke Skywalker-style digital binoculars

'Yeah, they're Sandpeople all right'

Hits keep on coming: HP buys Autonomy for $11bn cash

Brit techbiz poster-boy Autonomous no more

Average sozzled Brit sinks 5,800 pints during life

Spends £58,201 on booze before kicking bucket

Man builds gadget to silence annoying TV pundits

'Starkey, mute'

Dragons Den Jones to offload Data Select to management

Amassing cash to snap up firms cheap in coming double-dip?

Sky Movies too expensive, says Competition Commission

Double whammy from regulator, Ultraviolet

LOHAN will return to Earth by flying (open) sourcer

Our space beauty gets a bit of geeky goodness inside her

Scientists devise 260GB CD-size glass disc storage tech

Make light work of archiving

China Mobile pushes Jobs for Sino-flava 4G iPhone

Already has 7m+ Jesus mobe users without even offering it

BOFH: Beer, shinies, death by fire, rats IN THAT ORDER

Episode 12Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself ...

Hundreds of Brit pubs to offer free WiFi

Guess where this piece was written

Ridley Scott confirmed for Blade Runner pre/sequel

Harrison Ford's out, though

Motorola Atrix Lapdock

Accessory of the WeekIt's a... phone-book?

T-Mobile JavaScript comment stripper breaks websites

It's not optimisation, it's pessimisation

Lib Dems want pirate-friendly, one-speed net

Interview'Yarr! Vote for Black Julian, me mateys'

Poor IT could leave Brit troops hanging in Afghanistan

Just not enough, just not in time

P10000: What HP wants to make instead of PCs, tablets

Sources drop tantalising hints on mystery array

Brits buy more e-books than other Euro readers

Flying off the shelves

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front

Jobs wants rival slabs shipped back to Samsung right now

Nexsan stuffs its box with Tosh flash

Opens dressing-gown to reveal 13,800 IOPS/watt bulge

Sony: PlayStation Vita will win gamers back from tablets, phones

Exec in lauding own product SHOCK

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill

AnalysisDoomed bid to get out of making actual machinery

Hedge fund agitator grapples for helm at Brocade

Network galleon beats into 'IT market headwinds'

Brussels objects to WD's Hitachi GST purchase

Issues beefs, awaits corporate response

HP's WebOS mess: When smartphone assets go toxic

Stick a fork in Android, it's done

Apple, HTC trim phone forecasts as markets tank

Fewer parts ordered as economocalypse looms

Googlola's closed source Android temptation

Open...and ShutWill the code 'stay' open?

SGI (almost) doubles sales, (almost) halves losses

Foresees a profitable 2012. Finally

Insulin pump attack prompts call for federal probe

Security of medical devices questioned

Lustre file system set for spit 'n' polish

Whamcloud lands deal from OpenSFS

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