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17th > August > 2011 Archive

iiNet nears million-customer mark

Profit up, ARPU up, churn down

Dell retools for the midmarket

(Slightly) less revenue. But more profit

Chic USB drive leads double life as personal vibrator

Très élégant, oui, mais très puissant

IT admin cops to crippling ex-employer's network

Cold revenge served here

Google's Android Dev Kit for Dummies™ sent home

App Inventor returns with maker

Box o' Flashy virtual machines offered

Pump my Data

id Software Wolfenstein 3D

Antique Code ShowGlourious Basterd

Dob in suspect blingy neighbours on Facebook, say cops

Where did they get all those tellies?

App developer slurped kids' data without consent

50,000 Apple Store downloads, $50,000 fine

Startup reveals own dominance in flash data caching

Also announces secret amount of funding raised

Three touts 21.1Mb/s mobile broadband dongle

MiFi upgraded to HSPA+, 802.11n

US robochopper cargo skyhook gets another $47m

Crewless mesh-copter creeps closer to the front line

Profit-disaster CEO at Blue Coat: I'll get my coat

Mine's the one with the pink slip in the pocket

Sony slashes PlayStation 3 prices

Console cost cutter

Facebook wannabe rioters cop large helpings of porridge

Flashplod rather than flashmob: only cops showed up

German tap-to-pay telco allies don't need no stinkin' banks

Slapdash slapcash plan requires all new bonk-banker kit

Angry S Koreans mass-sue Apple over iPhone tracking

You must pay each of us one meellion won! <cough> £568

Scottish gov moans over broadband cash handout

Gie us mair bawbees, oor internet's aye puggled

iPHONE 5 SHOCK! US Apple store 4G kit-fit snapped

'Sure it works sir, reception's great here in the shop'

Sony ballyhoos budget PSP

Redesigned and repriced

UK sales rankings: HP, Dell up, Acer down, Apple at No. 4

Acer disaster drags Blighty down below French, Germans

Facebook flashplodder to appeal against 4-yr cooler stint

Crap rural lootin' event was attended only by police

Range Rover Evoque Si4

First LookLand Rover techs up the SUV

Sony prices up PlayStation telly for UK

One screen, multiple pictures

Amazon deploys true-blue US gov cloud for secret arms data

West Coast ITAR bank: New can of whup for Azure's ass

Museum gets free NFC phone-tap exhibit cards from Nokia

Look, better than ordinary cards! In some way!

ICANN chief Beckstrom says he will go in July 2012

Confirming decision apparently not made by him

Scotland Yard Four cleared - on phone-hacking

Cop watchdog removes teeth from top plods' shins for now

Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic

AnalysisGrabbing a target and holding it over their heart

2nd-hand Popemobile, also used by Neil Armstrong, for sale

Pontiff-tastic bubbletop limo carried many Apollo 'nauts

Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

Staff can't get about in stores as 'OuchPads' stack up

Red Hat beta revs KVM hypervisor to 3.0

Like invasion from space: First we land, then we expand

Dog fight game bitten with pro-PETA virus

Dog and bone Trojan


OMFGAaiee! We're all going to die!

Nintendo aims to fill stockings with Wii slim

Size matters

Android app logs keystrokes using phone movements

Touchscreen side-channel hack

Google Apache mod speeds into outside world

Fastsoft on Gooroids

Ubuntu erects stairway to VMware code cloud


TelstraClear slams new kiwi download laws

CEO calls on government to break content monopolies

Hackers breach website for SF transit agency police

Data for 102 cops aired to protest BART

Google squashes Google Analytics bug

Traffic report snafu nipped in bud

Amcom grows profits with cloud demand

Insert 'silver lining' pun here...

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