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12th > August > 2011 Archive

Equinix opens 3rd data centre in Sydney

More clouds to gather in Melbourne, Japan, India and China

DARPA drops another HTV-2

To lose one is unfortunate, two looks like carelessness

University rats on Sydney suburb

Rodent reintroduction reverses ratbags' rampage

MacBook Pro turns to golden Apple

24-carat upgrade

The IBM PC is 30

On 12 August 1981, the world changed

Software maker fingered in Korean hackocalypse

ESTsoft flub spawns nation's worst breach

Google lands patent for, um, estimating shipment time

'Telling a customer when their goodies will arrive? We own that'

National police procurement hub goes live

Best laid plans of mice and NPIA

Traumatic scenes for car geeks as forum falls over

Man made cake, spoke to wife

Android respawn horror: Hacker says hackers' phones hacked

Defcon visitors see handsets being scoped

Joe Public invited to hunt God particle

CERN needs your PC to help nail Higgs boson

MySpace site glitch mistaken for hack attack

OMG! Must've been Anonymous. LOL

LinkedIn U-turns to appease peeved users

But privacy policy stays the same

Amazon web services back up and running

But reasons for outage still being investigated

Mango release rumours leave Nokia behind

1 September release looking international

Apple shines light on iOS projector tech

Illuminating patents discovery

Neighbours cop an earful from screaming Swedish w*nker

Malmö onanist 'moans louder than an animal'

Jeff Bezos patents retro jets, and airbags, for telephones

Amazon man protecting your pocket tech

Samsung plops out waterproof smartphone

Touch and flow

Hey dumbo, Facebook isn't sharing telephone numbers

Publish and be damned... bitch

Bytes hungry for more buys

Looking at storage and virtualisation

Twitter 'Stalker app' just a phishing scam

A stalker, a phisher, a stealer o' beef

German court bans sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1, says Apple

Temporary ban on the sale of Samsung tablet in all but one EU country

Star Wars fans offered Blu-ray deals and previews

Panasonic uses 'the force' to sell format

Icebergs measured in Manhattans: Official

Antarctic tsunami event spawns new standard

Gary McKinnon support website defaced

Serial graffiti splasher TurkGuvenligi strikes again

Essex police charge BlackBerry user over inciting violent disorder

BBM lets England shake

Bloody Moon stuffs the Perseids

Annual meteor shower set to be a wash-out

iLuv iPad 2 case and Bluetooth keyboard

Accessory of the WeekWinning combination?

Counter-Strike sequel aims for 2012 target

Back with a bang

iPhone 5 less than a month away

Apple event hints at handset

Fujitsu staff vote on strikes

Government contracts could be hit

LightSquared blasts GPS naysayers in FCC letter

Is GPS too important to be restricted by law?

IPCC probes alleged Milly Dowler/NotW leak

Independent investigation is go

Layar gets a Vision, and a revenue stream

We could make some money!

IBM PC daddy: 'The PC era is over'

Chucks own invention into vinyl record bin

Google Chrome beta turns on native code machine

Native Client in the chute

iPad accessorizer gets into Bernie Madoff's pants

Own a bit of butt-hugging history

Man admits to running $800,000 carder ring

Cops to aggravated identity theft

Police kill mobile phone service to squelch protest

San Francisco shutdown

Mozilla to auto-block unwanted Firefox add-ons

Revenge of the force-fed browser users

Dell puts gun to Streak 5 tablet, pulls trigger

Five-inch experiment dead

Stars Wars icons join Queen Elizabeth on Pacific Island coin

R2D2 meets QEII

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