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10th > August > 2011 Archive

Google promises fix for jittery Usenet addicts

Newsgroups never die. They only fade away. And come back again

Senetas gets UK foothold for crypto kit

SELEX Elsag targeting customers

Hackers crack crypto for GPRS mobile networks

Your cellphone data intercepted

Five... freshly picked iOS gaming apps

iGamerThe latest from Apple's amusement arcade

Microsoft gives BPOS customers credit note for latest crash

Voucher for flakey service designed to appease clients

Glaswegian arrested for pro-riot Facebook posts


US Air Force in a seriously stealthless state

F-22s and F-35s grounded

Local TV pioneers sought by Ministry of Fun

65 possibilities, 20 pioneers

Seagate's flash-disk hybrid crosses the chasm

One million shipped

Deduplication’s Role in Disaster Recovery

The SNIA speaks

Rootkit gangs fight for control of infected PCs

Malware that seeks and destroys other malware

Motorola hints at Microsoft deal

Hello WinPho

Falling axe strikes space shuttle workers

Services no longer required

Indie fans urged to shop to help Sony-signed labels

Small labels hit hard by Enfield arson

Apple nudges out Exxon Mobil for top spot on Wall Street

iSlick move in volatile trading market

iPad threatened by young pretenders

New wave of vendors to take on Apple where others failed

Essex cops slaps cuffs on social media riot crusaders

Fiendish Facebook users suspected of inciting violence

Security watchers question supposed Facebook hack

Claims of new hacktivist target look like a hoax

Google kills off app maker

Android click-to-program heading for open source?

Watchdog washes hands of Lush hack

Soft soap for hippy soap seller

Facebook gets creative with mobile phone data harvesting app

Contact-tapping Messenger coming to Europe 'very soon'...

Nintendo 3DS gets Cloud cover

Wi-Fi freebies now

Ofcom checks up on mobile coverage

Smartphones = crap at making calls

Panasonic preps Pocket Server

I wandered wirelessly as a cloud

Nokia's software exits the US market

It's Windows Phone or bust

Heavily-looted mobile phone barns issue 'safety first' missives to staff

Carphone Warehouse, Phones4u urge caution as DC readies water cannon

Phone hacking arrest: Police cuff 61-year-old man

Suspected of alleged interception of communications

Amazon web services customers vent spleen

Cloud giant says sorry for outage and resulting issues

Avnet sales dampened by slippery EMEA market

Acquisition integration and "tepid market" blamed

Who'd buy a fake battery?

Booze, tobacco and gadget fakes in police probe

Hauppauge Colossus HD PCIe card

ReviewTV and gaming captured

Lossless music goes High Street

Quality downloads for the masses

Apple injunction startles Samsung

Settling the Tab

Chinese government under cyber siege

'We're the victims not the perps'

Nokia snubs UK with N9

No plans to bring contractual obligation phone

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'

Angry e-petition demands serious, if misspelled, action

Trojan script gets stuck on superglue site

Sticky situation for malware

Hack on Hong Kong Stock Exchange disrupts trading

'Malicious attack' keeps traders in dark

Red Hat dev cloud welcomes Java EE 6

JBoss floated to 10,000 feet

New York police launch Facebook perp watch unit

Take aim at Idiots 2.0

Fake collar bomb victim back in lock down

Police suspect further threats to IT millionaire’s family

Kogan plugs 'cheap stuff' bug

Customers get hug

VMware lets Rabbit loose on open source code cloud

Cloud Foundry gets the messaging

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