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9th > August > 2011 Archive

Police Federation reiterates demand for 700 MHz spectrum

Emergency services vs. carriers battle drags on

Windows Phone dev GM splits with Microsoft

'Remember, every time you use Google, a puppy dies'

NBN Co offers start-up rebates for providers

Responds to entry cost concerns

Sony distribution centre engulfed by fire

London warehouse may have been set alight by rioters

ISP-operated servers alter search results, researchers claim

Search engine redirects give stealthy love to advertisers

Blackberry QNX phone details leaked

But underpowered if true ...

Videogames caused riots says plod

GTA London reloaded

Fake Firefox update bundles Trojan add-on

Spam emails try basic ruse in attempt to fool the clueless

Groupon sees surge in subscribers, scrubs contentious fiscal metric

Could rejig affect $25bn valuation?


Android App of the WeekGolden moments of cinema

Bankers plot telco bypass for payments

Tight margins not to be shared with operators

LOHAN team buried under ballockets

Click here for a shedload of Reg reader spaceplane launch concepts

Anobit doubles flash stash

Has shipped 20 million controllers

Dell's first global conference: Where are the EMEA partners?

Is there a channel outside of the US anyway?

Prime Minister recalls holidaying MPs after London riots

16,000 police patrol streets tonight as retailers count cost of looting, fires

Microsoft UK and axed exec in legal smackdown

Ex-board member....

Italian boffins to robo-grapple space junk

Cunning satellite plan to de-orbit rocket debris

Sky wins TV riot battle

Going Live...

Magellan Explorist 710 hiking GPS

ReviewHead for the hills

Motorola Xoom gets Android 3.1

UK update awakens SD slot

Sony confirms investigation into warehouse blaze is underway

Facility unsafe as fire continues to 'smoulder'

Peaches Geldof explains Kubrick's 2001

It's about 'the esoteric great architect Other', tweet reveals

Skytap adds orchestration to dev/test cloud

Hubbing and spoking

French mobile femtocells vulnerable to rogue base station hack

Rogue 3G booster rooster

Hitachi GST flash stash speed dash

SSD flash price slash

Tottenham MP calls for BlackBerry Messenging suspension

Twitter campaign to shut down rival

BlackBerry Messenger archives open for inspection

RIPA, DPA, ICO – none of them will prevent police fishing

Foreign Office trials emergency text service

No warnings for London riots though

Hackers claim to have cracked Norway mass-murderer's email

Breivik's rantings handed to journo, cops, says 'Noria' crew

Reusable e-paper rolled out

Held without charge

Dunkin' Donuts waitress offers additional dunkin'

'Extra sugar' on the menu at New Jersey eatery

PS3 controller makes move on Android games

Dualshock axis action

BlackBerry blog hacked with riot-related threats

We know where you live, says hacking crew

Xpress yourself: Quark sold to M&A outfit

Desktop publishing: It's the future! Insert fondleslab here...

Samsung Smart Hub adds Freeview+ HD DVR

Content to share

Citigroup hit with another data leak

Personal info for 92,000 customers exposed

Apple blocks sale of Samsung's Android fondleslab across EU

Dutch dodge Jobsian crackdown

SuperVisor: One hypervisor to virtualize them all

HotLink assumes control

IE, Windows server bugs likely to be exploited soon

Yes, it's Microsoft Patch Tuesday again

Neurogaming set to be launched by Disney

'Plug and play' gets very touchy-feely

Old Republic parallel imports okay, says BioWare

Sorry, can’t help with the ping times

SQL survives murder attempt by mutant stepchild

Open...and ShutWorld says 'No' to NoSQL

MacTel data centre build slips

$AU60 million facility to open in 2012

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