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8th > August > 2011 Archive

Antimatter close to home

An anomaly in the south Atlantic, apparently

Telstra sets date, but not speeds, for 4G LTE release

Mobile fans hold their breath

Fujitsu CTO: Flash is just a stopgap

Necessary, but not the final destination

Beware of Macs in enterprise, security consultants say

Black HatOS X in the age of espionage malware

Ofcom report: Mobile operators feel the squeeze

They build the networks. Facebook takes the revenue

Cray CTO Scott departs

'Taking senior position' at Cray tech partner

HP industrial action starts today

PCS members plan disruptions to offshoring process

Chip makers to strut their stuff at Hot Chips 23

Many-cored versus monoliths

Anonymous and LulzSec spew out largest ever police data dump

Hacktivists run wild in global revenge hacks

Google fights to hide incriminating emails

You said what? To whom?

The Ethernet traffic mix-up

Expert ClinicEthernet communications convergence conumdrum

Audio Pro WF100 wireless streamer

Geek Treat of the WeekDongle up your hi-fi

Vblocks bleed out EMC money

VCE = virtual cash erosion

iPad racketeers' high wire exploits falter

Jobs on the line

Lightning strikes cloud: Amazon, MS downed

Down and still out in Dublin

BBC bigs up iPlayer for TVs and consoles

PS3 gets first look

School caned for losing 20K details

How much?

BBC testing fix for iPlayer on iPad ... 6 months later

Beeb: Too technical to explain to you folks

10-year old hacker finds flaw in mobile games

Feeling old?

TelecityGroup swallows Data Electronics

Data centre provider coughs up £87.6m for rival

HP Envy 17 3D Core i7 laptop

ReviewTasty 3D take away

Home Office farms out tech deal worth £40m

4-year contract for border cops' Employers' Checking Service

Use found for Twitter and Liz Jones

Teasing twit raises twenty grand

Gordon Ramsay sues father-in-law over alleged spyware plot

Cooking up trouble

GE brings holographic storage back from the dead

Format might erupt in the sector

Apple delivers Orange aid

iTunes movies in cellco giveaway

RIM to turn in BlackBerry-using looters after London riots

Empathetic RIM plans to help police

EMC trundles out deduping mainframe VTL

Bus-Tech allied to Data Domain

Spec set for 3D specs tech

About bloody time

Hackers breach chocolate recipe on Hershey website

Possible data theft

Apple sued over Mac OS X 'quick boot'

Battle of the, um, CONFIG.SYS

IBM yanks chain on 'Blue Waters' super

Power7 petaflops behemoth gets flushed

AMD slips into desktop RAM biz

Memory gets its Radeon

India cracks down on the Blackberry

Gov can’t hack it so might be banned

Mass WordPress hijack poisons Google Image well

Mystery doorway planted in 4000+ sites

Adaptive Computing spins up Moab 6.1 control freak

Company 'fired up' about 'explosive growth'

ABC shaves tech crew

20% of staff set to go

Facebook password reset coming to phone near you

At some point in the future

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