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4th > August > 2011 Archive

Ex-NetRatings CEO's daughter freed from collar 'bomb'

Device defused after ten-hour ordeal

Ultra stealthy spy malware not so stealthy after all

APT and the tell-tale error message

Boffins deduce chip's crypto just by looking at it

Black HatSmartcard hacking enters script-kiddie phase

Microsoft to pay $250,000 for hot new security defenses

In search of new ideas

VMware backs down on vSphere 5 virtual memory tax

Big Blue monopoly lesson

No PS4 or Xbox 720 before 2014

Gamers 'happy' with current tech, apparently

Björk Biophilia

iOS App of the WeekViolently appy?

Digital copyright: Not much action, lots of talking shops

A technocrat's fix to a market problem

Facebook facial recognition tech 'violates' German privacy law

Social network dismisses Hamburg's data protection claims

Mobile app malware menace grows

Android users at front line of attack

Zuck's sister leaves Facebook to start new venture

Randi calls it quits to build Web2.0 marketing powerhouse

Brits love their phones, but spend less than ten years ago

More services, for the same money

ICO tells public sector to respond to Twitter

Tweeted FoI requests now valid...

NASA Legonauts set for Jupiter voyage

Cheeky Yanks do a PARIS

Home Office denies reports of e-Borders closure

Not chucked out in public cuts

Rogue character space tripped Scottish exam results

AQL caught out by Excel trying to be clever

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

ReviewBigger, better, thinner, lighter

Dell floats Cloud Hadoop clusters

Stuffed elephant rides PowerEdge iron

Paul McCartney's ex-wife makes phone-hacking claim

Heather Mills says journo admitted voicemail snoop in 2001

Anonymous unsheathes new, potent attack weapon

Better DDoS attacks ahead

Music biz now runs on Viagra®, not cocaine

Wrinklie revenue shame

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 due next week

Fondleslab frenzy

Government seeks public views on open data, PDC

When the words open, public and data collide

Death haunts government petitions site

Bring me the head of the sysadmin

PS Vita due in 2012 says Sony

In Japan for Christmas though

Google failing to pay Android developers

Just wait patiently and you'll get your pennies... probably

The curse of Google?: Android licensees fail to cash in

Brand-slut buyers have no loyalty

Cybercrooks exploit interest in Harry Potter ebook site

Muggles mugged

Systemax sales grow and profits too

Profits and sales up

Sony S1 and S2 screenshots leaked

Fondleslab features laid bare

Xiotech becomes banking apps bottleneck-buster

Palms some cash, changes stance

Pierre Cardin joins tablet trend

Fashionista fondleslab

Amazon virtual private clouds go global

Adds real private links and identity management

SMART unveils smarter, faster, fatter SSDs

'How much for the 1.6TB baby? We're not saying'

Apple eyes phallic iPhone, iPod charger

Wrap your 'buds around this electro-stiffy

Microsoft skewers Google's anti-Android conspiracy claim

UpdatedEmail shows Google declined joint bid for Novell patents

Exploit writer spills beans on secret iPhone function

Black HatiOS debugger of no use to anyone ... except hackers

New customers drive Teradata to new heights

Big data opportunity a big unknown

Optus gets dibs on new BlackBerry Torch and Bold

iPhone killers set to hit in September

Cheapskate Aussie net-shoppers safe from GST for now

Productivity Commission also whacks the infamous ‘Apple tax’

NBN Co gets heavy on social comms

Microsoft Oz PR head joins exodus to network builder

Rackspace: 'OpenStack opens doors, wallets'

Quarterly sales and profits take to the cloudy skies

Martian water slides caught on camera (maybe)

US spacecraft spies Red Planet flows

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