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3rd > August > 2011 Archive

Aussie nano tech project gets AU$15m in global VC funding

Needle-free drug patches set to go commercial

Internet use ‘rampant’: ASIO boss

And ideas are ‘unfettered’; whatever next?

Net economy bigger than Ben Hur

Internet worth $AU50 billion to GDP, says Access Economics

Apple job post hints at office web apps

Jobsian browser love shocker

Game graphics could be 100,000 times better

Polygon count becomes atomic number

Pure Sirocco 550 music combo

ReviewHi-fi with Wi-Fi

UK software and services market wedged in U-bend

Two years of misery ahead

HMRC online tax systems slammed by Private Forum for Biz

SME trade body brands tax system 'complex and unwieldy'

Reg readers ponder LOHAN's substantial globes

One balloon or three for ballocket spaceplane mission?

EMC gets acceleration injection from Asankya

Mystery app delivery speed-up buy

Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke

Twitter squeals at pub-like outburst

Samsung dives into spin-transfer torque

Next generation tech: Korean company buys DARPA-funded Grandis

Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick

It's an ill wind ...

Ofcom says no to web-blocking

Freetards must cough up a refundable-£20 for each appeal, though

Columbia debris emerges from Texas lake

Drought reveals doomed shuttle's reactant tank

Microsoft man saves drowning woman

iPodestrians miss cries for help

Bullfrog Syndicate

Antique Code ShowPersuadertron = win

State-sponsored 5-year global cyberattack uncovered

Spy agency probably the real (cyber) slim shady

MPs slam 'unworkable' one-size-fits-all NHS care records' system

Concludes £7bn project failed, calls for 'urgent' review

Sony Vita to control PlayStation 3

Wii U, me too

Two solicitors fined and suspended for file-sharer letters

Tribunal calls them out for greed, poor judgment

First smut site erected on .xxx address

Finally, somewhere safe to w*nk

RIM launches five BlackBerry smarties

BB 7 OS on-board

Patriot Wildfire 120GB Sata 3 SSD

ReviewUpgrades all round

Union talks up offshoring dangers to UK economy

HP PCS members vote for industrial action over job cuts

UK police warns off hacktivists

Oi, you lot ... behave!

Apple resellers squeezed out of volume licensing model

Vendor 'turns its back' on software channel

Ofcom clears 4G for maritime navigation

3,000+-tonne ships clear for transmission...

Oops! Ofcom's DCMS's own blocking easily visible to world+dog

Redact... redact... er... undo... ah... oops!

Facebook buys ebook startup

Takes a design leaf out of Apple's book book

Twitter-control botnet mines Bitcoins

Digital cash from chaos

Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers

Free, as in no revenue kicked back

Yahoo! Mail! users! complain! of! server! flatline!

Purple Palace remains silent, apart from the odd strangulated tweet

Exam results texted out early in Scotland

Early access to pub Ucas for those using txt spk

Mainframers drop EU antitrust complaints against IBM


Pure revamps portable DAB

Fresh tuner

It's official: Journos are dumb as a bag of IE users

100,000 fake browser IQ tests can't be wrong

OCZ jumps harder on enterprise PCIe bandwagon

Z-Drive R4 beefs VeloDrive, RevoDrive

Researchers poke gaping holes in Google Chrome OS

Black HatChromebook only as safe as its weakest apps

Google waggles free* Android phones at Americans

* 2-year wireless and small piece of your soul required

Aussie court denies bail to accused hacker 'Evil' Cecil

Wistful magistrate wishes he'd used his skills for good

Turnbull lays out alternative architecture

Keep the cable nets, seek local build bids

Google claims 'bogus patent' conspiracy against Android

Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle in 'hostile, organized campaign'

Hobbyist killed by home-made hovercraft

Don’t try this. Anywhere.

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