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2nd > August > 2011 Archive goes live

Cloud storage prices also outed

Good news: A meltdown would kill fewer than we thought

So this is it, we’re all not all going to die

IRISnotes Executive 1.0 digital pen

ReviewKnows your writes

Isolated human genes can be patented, US court rules

Good for DNA research, but could lead to overpriced diagnostics

Here come the ex-Sunners at CumuLogic

All things must PaaS

HTC sues Apple in the UK

Warring smartphone vendors take fight to High Court

Tablets will overtake consumer PCs, says Fujitsu CTO

Customers want to consume content, not produce it...

Govt rubber-stamps Google Review, drops web-blocking

Quango plays legislator

HCL discloses 'email deletion' requests from News International

Home Affairs Committee told: nothing to see here

Bytes swallows Security Partnerships

Microsoft LAR buys its way into security cloud

Scareware scammers now phishing for punters

Blocked credit card spam scam

Dual File Manager XT

Android App of the WeekGet organised

Skype arrives on fondleslab

Shout into this

Skype calls on iPad, briefly

Premature application

TV goes home, even when mobile

Take one screen into the living room?

'Work from home' spam scam floods Twitter

Be Your Own Boss Dupe

eBay backs Flash new boy for storage

Nimbus = smaller, cheaper, cooler

London plods raid Wikipedia in counter-anarchist operation

Know your malodorous enemy, Project Griffin style

Capita coughs up £29m for financial services house

Offshorer looks offshore to dodge UK public sector turmoil

Serial Web2.0 investor pumps Twitter valuation to $8bn

$57m per character

PCTV NanoStick T2 USB TV tuner

ReviewFreeview HD telly on the move

Sun compo entrants' privates exposed in public

Hacker posts Pastebin pasting

RFID drives the self-service pub

An application for wireless we can all appreciate

Cops arrest man over phone-hacking, police corruption claims

71-year-old cuffed this morning

Nokia ditches letters for all-number names

All over again...

Toshiba launches thinner spinner

1TB standard notebook format drive

Sony Ericsson toying with tabletphone

3D handset in sight, apparently

Virgin mulls handing out free Wi-Fi

You can have too much bandwidth

Nokia unveils budget Symbian smartie

1GHz handset?

Guardian blames gov ad-spend cuts for revenue droop

Keep Calm and Carry On office didn't splash its usual £500m this year...

Moaning moose cows provoke punch-ups among bulls

Alaskan wilderness just like Newcastle on a Friday night

Evil Android Trojan records your calls

Spy on the wire

Murdoch's PIE BOY jailed for six weeks

'Jonnie Marbles' sentenced for attacking world's most powerful octogenarian

PC chip sales up, shipments flat in Q2

AMD climbs as Intel slips

IT governance: a help or a hindrance for your projects?

How to balance freedom and control

Apple iCloud pricing revealed

Brits set to pay 14 per cent more than the Yanks

Dawn eyes Vesta's full-frontal charms

Revealing snap of Clangers' asteroid homeworld

Malware attack spreads to 5 million pages (and counting)

Unpatched sites turn on visitors

Apple vanishes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion Server

Postgres fills Ellisonian black hole

Swede cuffed for cooking nuclear reactor on kitchen stovetop

Add radioactive smoke detector innards. Stir

Zero day bug threatens many WordPress sites

TimThumb developer pwned by own creation

Chrome 13: Google uncloaks search click prediction engine

'We know what you want before you do'

Boffins shine 800Mbps wireless network from flashlight

LEDs torch LAN record

Oracle rides AAPT into the cloud

Solaris-as-a-service for Australia

How to lose 375k customers the Vodafone Hutchinson way

When two companies don't make it right

EMF notches up another health-scare

Correlation in causation SHOCK!

Google dangles needle over Web Bubble 2.0

Open...and ShutAnd no one notices

GOP darling Newt Gingrich accused of Twitter fraud

'We're clean,' says head Newtonian spinmeister

Servers pump up Super Micro

Intel's Xeon E5 chips set for 'in Q4'

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