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1st > August > 2011 Archive

DIDO: snake oil or wireless salvation?

Parsing the Perlman paper

PLCs a prison vulnerability: researchers

Now there’s a jailbreak

Adobe outs un-Flash web animation tool

HTML5 on the Edge

Police charge Scottish teen over Soca attack

Hearing today

OCZ unsheathes Talos flash talons

Another flash drive clawing into HDD business

iPad maker to replace 1 million staff with robots

Foxconn to get automated in next 3 years

Thousands of sites go dark

Domain fight claims UK small biz victims

Dawn creeps closer to Clanger homeworld Vesta

Another fine snap from asteroid-hunting spacecraft

Acer turns to trains for imports

All aboard the Silk Road Express

Schmaltz-powered Chrome overtakes morally superior Firefox

Google's TV blitz pays off

PlayStation Vita release leaked

Blockbuster roster reveals all

Fanboys find way to NFC an iPhone

Anything Android can do...

Button brushes off 'car accident' website defacement to claim GP win


Cabinet Office ends website test

We built it...they didn't come

Telecity in talks to acquires Data Electronics Group

One wannabe cloud biz chats up another

Diary of a not-spot: Breaking the BT barrier

Life with broadband, but without BT

Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB audio interface

Geek Treat of the WeekSolid sender

Network quality of service: making the switch

Trevor Pott scales up

Former CIO takes top security job at Huawei

UpdateJohn Suffolk in surprise move to company whose alleged ties are feared by US

Nokia N9 joins next month's mobile match

Meego ahead anyway

Who needs a million NFC tags?

Someone has bought them, but what for?

Skype/Facebook integration spawns hijack risk

Don't talk to strangers...

T-Mobile rolls out contract-PAYG combo

Paying for time

HP to axe sales staff found pilfering dealers

Rules change on 1 November

Samsung-Apple Wars: Galaxy blocked Down Under

Another shot fired in the mobile patent wars

Doom dude says violent games lower aggression

Anger management

Scotland Yard probes News of the World computer hacking claims

Considers 'breach of privacy' allegations

'Topiary' suspect bailed

Stays on the mainland

Amazon hunts for a few good startups

Winner takes $100,000 in currency, cloud capacity

iPhone 5 now set for October launch

Rumour discredits rumours

Sneaky Trojan exploits e-commerce flaws

Cache-probing, cookie-touching, self-deleting malware

Are you slaving away on the wrong projects?

Get your priorities straight

Googlenet runs on '900,000 servers'

Spanner in the works

Hackers dump secret info for thousands of cops

String of embarrassing attacks continues

World o' data centers burns less juice than expected

Great Recession power diet

NextDC raises AU$50m for growth

Investors dig datacentres

Telstra offers separation proposal

Public prices, Chinese walls and ring fences

HP sics Spaniards on Larry Ellison

Itanic rescue mission

Rural white space wireless standard signed off

After seven years, 802.22 is official

Google cuts deal for Dealmap

Can I get a discount for some Groupon envy treatment?

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