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27th > July > 2011 Archive

Yet more cloud launches

Cloud Sherpas, Digital Realty Trust open Oz operations

Stuxnet clones may target critical US systems, DHS warns

Code samples raise concerns of variants

iiNet signs with Pacific Fibre for future capacity

Plan to build it and they will come

More on the ‘NBN hack’ that wasn’t

The Au Fed Police press conference, response from Platform Networks

Microsoft's MS-DOS is 30 today

Kudos to QDOS

'Up to' broadband claims out of control, says Ofcom

Speeds rise, but advertised speeds rise a lot faster

Mozy puffs out pocket cloud for iPad, Android et al

Mozying along to a showdown with iCloud, Dropbox

Freesat ITV Player out of beta

Service goes official on Humax boxes

Next 15in, 17in MacBook Pros to be MacBook Air skinny

Stand out by slimming down

Councils dole out social-care payment smartcards

Making sure the customer doesn't get out of control

SanDisk attacks PC hard disks

Wants you to rip and replace with flash

Punters favour Amazon to block Apple tablet flood

But it had better come up with something cheap

US Navy orders laser machine guns

But keeps option to fire regular, enormous bullets

Market rationalist pigs get the best choice of totty

OpinionOnline dating means more choice - this is bad?

'Directory traversal' attack becomes premier hack tool

Formerly little-known method now tops rankings

Let's talk about OpenFlow

Software defined networks, Oh yes

Quantum mid-range DXi crushes Data Domain

We rule in entry-level open protocol appliance

Microsoft pushes Windows Phone Mango out to Japan

Rest of world gets to shout into fruit around Xmas

Power out again at Telecity

It has been ... 2 ... weeks since we tripped over a cable

Oi, Android, get gaming sorted out NOW

iGamerReg Hardware's resident gamer vents spleen

UK data watchdog 'looking into' Google+ mission creep

Updated: ExclusiveGoogle + Profiles – pseudonyms = privacy headache?

Canon crossbreeds mouse with adder

Calculated risk?

Fingerprint scans learn to spot chopped-off fingers

Also Gummi Bears, zombies, other common fakes

4G-auction rural notspot scheme would actually be illegal

CommentWould mean lockout, massive subsidy

Apple top of the tablet totem pole through 2015

Android to topple iPad the following year

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man

Beardy billionaire beaten by brave Brit

Digital singles all the rage in Europe

Still don't make much dosh, though

Sony Walkman refresh signals wireless streaming

'Bluetooth, I saw you standing alone...'

Dragon-owned Expansys bemoans weak UK gadget lust

Peter Jones' etailer restructures

Paypal chums with City cops against naughty music sites

We're not tools of the rights-holders!

Developer fury as Google makes Android apps vanish

Thirty pages of rages as Market goes haywire

Koreans produce $3m glow-in-the-dark dog

Effulgent blacklight beagle can be switched on and off

Dell Streak 7 Android tablet

ReviewAffordable dual-core fondleslab, anyone?

Anonymous, LulzSec go legit with PayPal boycott

Free the DDoS fourteen! Hm. Bored now, need more lulz

Getronics sharpens chopper, eyes 2,500 of its people

Time for some of you to be in India

Post Office banking collapses in computer fail

Only cardboard cards for now, thanks

Grassroots Brit project plans .app top-level domain bid

Having to call itself for now

Bonkers MacBook Air shipment route revealed

Global gathering

Avisen reports losses 3 times higher than sales

Who says there's no biz innovation in old Blighty?

Military chip crypto cracked with power-analysis probe

Akin to listening to safe tumblers, but with 'leccy

Adobe revs online forms and survey creator

Dead simple FormsCentral gets 'evolutionary' makeover

Sony Ericsson signals Xperia X10 Gingerbread update

Latest smartphone Android, at last

Virgin Media sees 36,000 cable customers scarper in Q2

That's OK, they were only 'low-value' rabble

Apple Flash buying clout will give it the ultrabook edge

MacBook Airs set to be CHEAPER than rival kit

Fraud a growth sector as UK economy stalls

Firmjacking, clone websites boom

LightSquared promises to replace satellite push-to-talk kit

You're our only customers, please don't go

ITV eyes micropayments for Corrie specials

Because viewers are sure to love paying over and over

Arrow warns on tightening component sales

Hefty distie reports bumper Q2, looks ahead with worry

Police arrest alleged LulzSec hacker 'topiary' in Scotland

Suspected of links to shear hackery

SecurID breach cost RSA $66m

In 2nd quarter alone

Fed budget cuts, lower mainframe sales hit Unisys

Swinging to a loss in Q2

Colleges prep joint plan for 1Gbps internet

Not ready for prime time

Russia: 'We'll dump the ISS into the sea after 2020'

US: 'Not so fast, Ivan'

Facebook upgrades 'Operation Developer Love'

Invisible friends now easier to create

'Evil' Aussie hacker 'named', refused bail

Infrastructure screwed by hacking trucker

Cloud fluffs Citrix numbers in Q2

So long PC era

Optus slices fat from management ranks

250 jobs set to go

CA refreshes cloud code in 'cloud choice' suite

Management, security focus

'War texting' hacks car systems and possibly much more

Remotely start cars, attack SCADA, through GSM

LiveJournal groans under 'immense' DDos attack

Service disruptions for past 48 hours

NASA's former CTO launches Nebula cloud controller

One giant leap for OpenStack

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