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26th > July > 2011 Archive

Adobe InMarket out of market

AirMarketplace also suffocates

Sorry, time travelers, you’re still just fiction

If a photon can’t outrun light, none of us can

Crypto shocker: 'Perfect cipher' dates back to telegraphs

35 years prior to being invented

HTC Salsa Android smartphone

ReviewFacebook fandango

Why should storage arrays manage server flash?

One butt to kick if it all goes, erm, pear-shaped

Hague promises Foreign Office cyber confab in London

Bringing down governments online. Not us, obviously

Utah cops baffled in case of mysterious anonymous cuffee

'Well-spoken ... just doesn't want to be found'

Mystery data centre snag floors LiveJournal

Eyes crossed out, tongue protruding

EMC boss Tucci in lucky escape from poverty

$1m here, $1m there, soon you're talking real money

Lost 1967 spacecraft found crashed on the Moon

Probe wrecked on farside snapped 'the pic of the century'


Android App of the Week...and over there by the gas works used to be the leper colony

Ofcom told to use 4G auctions to complete UK coverage

Bring voice if not data to the unconnected, says CCP

Ofcom extends deadline for interferers, those who fear them

4G vs granny-alarm deathmatch rumbles on

Mozilla moots open source web OS for mobiles

Chrome for phones?

Songwriters bite Grooveshark

Been a load of compromisin' on the road to my horizon ...

Rogue kangaroo floors broom-wielding 94-year-old

Berserk marsupial takes on cops, cops a peppering

OS X Lion paves way for "Retina Display" monitors


Tactile feedback suit interacts with Kinect

Good vibrations

IT boss jailed for plundering Scottish library

Of money, not books

Dead bloke reanimates in mortuary

Terrified attendants flee ghostly screaming

PC mountain accumulates in Blighty

Biz-crushing computer avalanches feared

Dongling P2P downloaders 2nd-biggest mobe data users

Operators seeking to charge by content type

Phishers go after your Google AdWords account

Clone website slurps Chocolate logins

Ex-Microsoft bigwig Bob Muglia joins Juniper Networks

Ballmer's reject - or Ballmer's point man?

ARM scooping in cash but remains cautious

From iPhone A4 and rivals' Snapdragon to washing machines

Hacking scandal starts to spread beyond News Corp

Uneasy faces and sweaty palms all along Fleet Street

Space scope spies soggy, stupendous Saturnian doughnut

Incontinent moon squirts wetly onto ringed giant

Legal expert: Letters can be evidence, so can Facebook

OpinionAs stalksite-using forklift driver finds ...

Departing Acer chief Lanci will not go to Samsung

Rumours not worth the electrons they're printed on

BET24 warns over data breach – 19 months later

UpdateDon't look back in anger, begs bookie

Apple MacBook Air 13in Core i5 laptop

ReviewPricey, but nifty

Amazon recruiting for Indian conquest campaign

Can it subdue the subcontinent?

NAB digs in to fight Congressional land grab

Pry mah spectrum from m'cold dead fingers

Xbox update sets Avatar Kinect in motion

Quite a gesture

UK Govt refuses to ban shale gas 'fracking'

Flaming tapwater risks 'hypothetical and unproven'

Note to Apple: Be more like Microsoft

Open...and ShutOne (astronomically successful) company is not an ecosystem

Kit steals Mac login passwords through FireWire port

OS X vulnerable even when locked, FileVaulted

One-third of US consumers will buy an iPhone 5

Touchdown in first week of September?

Suspects in PayPal web attack not so anonymous after all

DDoS as civil disobedience

'Evil' truckie charged with NBN provider attack

Media falls into NBN security-gasm; did AFP also nab Distribute.IT attacker?

Dell puffs up OpenStack clouds

Rackspace providing backstop support on the block

Domain name sale just weeks before 9/11 anniversary

Aussie online shoppers take $AU6 billion offshore

PWC report says the devil is in the etail

Juniper profits pinched by economy, product transitions

Pulling back on 2011's prospects

Intel gives former CFO Bryant the chair

Well, the vice chair, for starters

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