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25th > July > 2011 Archive

Higgs Boson hiding place narrows

Masses of new evidence, apparently

Cheap as chips: The future of PC virtualisation

A brief history of virtualisationPlaying catch-up

Want to be more secure? Don’t be stupid

Oz spooks outline unsurprising risk mitigation strategies

Microsoft previews 'Juneau' SQL Server tools

Tasty Visual Studio upgrade or 'One step forward, two steps back'?

OCZ samples twin-core ARM SSD controller

Do you need a bit of TLC?

Nominet pilots domain security pump-up

Lays an egg, hopes chicken will ensue

Virgin Tweets a sorry for TiVo series link snafu

DVR = Don't Video Repeatedly?

Beeb to fund ad-mungous Local TV for local people

White space plans from the Ministry of Fun

Nokia punts NFC touch-data biz cards at £11 each

A better business than selling phones?

Survey scams exploit Winehouse's death, Oslo massacre

Crack-smoking and security-cam footage doesn't exist

Dixons to set up concession in Harrods

Ladies who lunch, oil sheikhs ... they all need batteries

Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.7.2

Lion update emerges

Mobee Magic Charger

Geek Treat of the WeekWireless power for your wireless mouse

Western Digital edges ahead of Seagate

Seagoing computers counteract rare-earth headwinds

Moonpig gobbled by PhotoBox

Dotcom veteran emblobbed by fellow remote-printer biz

Apple recalls 1TB Seagate HDDs

May fail, apparently

Kelway has new war chest to fund expansion plans

Stop me before I buy again

Dixons store to sell Samsung 10in tablet early

Only place to get the Wi-Fi only version

Chinese lecturer demands his students acquire iPads

Slab-fondling kids forced to wear suits, makeup in class

Ofcom in screeching U-turn on BSkyB, begins probe

Wait 'til the cops are done? No, that would be silly

Mega-colossal space raincloud found at moist black hole

Soggy quasar's eternal downpour worse than Brit summer

Sony slims-down Cyber-shot snappers

Thinnest camera in the world**

Ex-China Mobile exec gets suspended sentence of death

That'll learn him, say bribery-busting beaks

Grenade-gasm autogun gets Raoul Moat Taser shells

Electric stun rockets on auto: You know you want this

Winklevoss twins' new Facebook lawsuit rejected by judge

Oarsmen may have to survive for life on just $65m

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part Two

ReviewThe cat scan continues

RIM workforce decimated: 2,000 jobs slashed

'These redundancies will eliminate redundancies'

Google grabs facial-recognition 'ware firm

Presumably such kit no longer creeps Schmidt out

Hungry bidders pick up Comet's blood trail

'Sometimes we hunt the same ground'

Amateur claims crack of final Zodiac Killer cipher

Serial murderer's crypto-proclam broken 40+ years on?

Two 'fake Apple stores' shut in China over trading permits

Problem with local gov, nothing to do with Apple

Anonymous hacks Italy's critical-national-IT protection

Evidently the protection isn't critical

LOHAN: She's low orbit and helium assisted

Spaceplane mission backronym sorted

Microsoft hit with lawsuit in Kinect tech spat

Legal process in motion

Facebook iPad app cloaked within iPhone version

If you just can't wait to fondle your slab

Mellanox deep-discounts speedy new Ethernet kit

A half-off deal for bleeding-edge servers

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo bow to Apple sales edict

Wall Street Journal, Google knuckle under as well

Microsoft kicks SUSE another $100m

Keeping Red Hat out of Windows shops

Attack on 'Cyberbullying' critic prompts raid by armed cops

Hoax emergency call came from spoofed number

Head fed cyberspook resigns abruptly

US-CERT director gives no reason for departure

Google launches Go runtime for App Engine

It's a Go for SDK 1.5.2

Amcom palms $AU9m to float uni to the cloud

Western Oz University deal for Perth data centre

CA, Unisys bring “private cloud” partnership to Oz

Cloud crowd more crowded

Tilera routs Intel, AMD in Facebook bakeoff

Social Memcached marketing

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