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22nd > July > 2011 Archive

'Green' trans-Atlantic cable set to launch in 2012

Iceland landing to promote data centre biz

Sony insurer says it's not liable for costs of data breach

Sues game maker for saying otherwise

AMD readies Bulldozers to ship next month

Profitable, but desperately seeking chipper CEO

On first day, Apple sells 50 Lions for every lion

Panthera leo leo outrun by one million Mac OS X sales

TSA to revise nudie scanner software

Security theatre gets a ‘G’ rating

NSW stalls on R18+ games classification: report

New classification may yet arrive, however

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part One

ReviewThe mane event?

Phishers target frequent flyer schemes in Brazil

Phly-phishing phreebooters pillage air miles

Heathrow to get new facial recognition scanners

If your face doesn't fit ...

Japanese judge jails serial malware author

VXer riddled P2P with 'squid-octopus' download zapper

Corporates love iPhone, iPad more than Android kit

True, says Good

HTC to fit Flyer fondleslabs with 3D

Body parts exposed

Big Blue boffins scan 10 billion files in Flash in a flash

Enticing developments at the lab

Four illegal ways to sort out the Euro finance crisis

CommentAnd one of them is about to be used

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G2 USB 3.0 Flash drive

Accessory of the WeekSuperSpeed file swapper

BOFH: Axe handles - occasionally quite slippery

Episode 11Just a sleeper bot programmed to murder us all

Go Daddy spokes-totty: I'm on the elephants' side

Tusky chums should be free to roam - and get shot by my boss

Pfizer's Facebook page jacked by script kiddies

Viagra firm not hard enough to beat

Ofcom posts broadband, mobile punter satisfaction scores

'Are you happy with your wash?'

Speaking Clock to celebrate diamond anniversary on Sunday

At the thaird strairke, I will be - beep, beep, beeeep - 75 yairs earld

Copyright Kitemark plan flutters aloft

Just click the skull and crossbones icon for free tunes

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Blu-ray extended edition


RM shares take a caning following Board warning

When will somebody think of the children

Cameron: Murdoch son of Murdoch needs another grilling

Princeling tries to get behind himself

Phone-hack backlash BBC in embarrassing headline gaffes

UpdatedAuntie can't get mouth around clock

Angry Birds, other iPhone games shotgunned by Lodsys

Furious feathered Finnish Android version also cited

Murdoch parliamentary pandemonium: Shock snap

ExclusiveWhat really went down at the faceful-of-pie hearing

Activision: Guitar Hero to re-form

Plucking marvellous

Microsoft shakes up Office 365 channel payments

Redmond needs you

Feds investigate $17m of missing kit at CompUSA

CEO out, SEC and FBI in as gear disappears in Miami

Sony calls time on 8mm video format

And... cut

Nokia reaps the Dilbert years

AnalysisMargin on the ridiculous

Acer to deliver ARM notebook within nine days

Tegra 2 ousts Intel, Android ousts Windows

Evil '666' auto-whaler tool is even eviler than it seems

Robs the robbers who rob the robbers

Anonymous hackers hacked by young Turks

'Snobby, arrogant, IGNORANT little f*cking children'

HP board gives Leo $10bn more funny money

Financial engineering 101

Nuclear Mars tank to roam imposing crater

Red planet 'firmly in our sights', declares NASA boss

Toyota tech to steer cars round jaywalkers

'These aren't accidents. They're throwing themselves into the road gladly.'

Mac Lion's breath causes Celerra NAS storage to die

Get the patch, don't fear the pussy

Hitachi goes lenticular with 720p smartphone display

Takes a shine to 3D

Rescue privacy before it vanishes forever

Open...and ShutThe architecture of forced participation

RIM PlayBook nabs first US gov't tablet certification

Lifeline tossed to floundering fondleslab

Marketer taps browser flaw to see if you're pregnant

A gaffe of Epic proportions

Apple eyeing Hulu acquisition, insiders say

Just a tiny nibble from $76.2bn Jobsian nest egg

MacBook batteries susceptible to hack attacks

Default passwords raise bricking threat, maybe more

TSA officer accused of stealing from passenger luggage

For sale on eBay: $15,000 IWC watch

Oracle buys Ksplice

Hot Linux patch action

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