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21st > July > 2011 Archive

Go ahead and spy on customers, says judge

Spyware okay on rental computers, for now

Mellanox revenues spike thanks to Voltaire

SwitchX and Sandy Bridge profit boost on tap

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security

Windows 7, Ubuntu meet their match

Intel CEO: 'Ultrabooks' will be 'holistic' success

Earlier slimline efforts? 'Trial runs'

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

ReviewWing men

AGs mull fate of hard-core gaming in Oz

Canberra could be R18+ gamer haven

Nasuni puts its cloud storage balls on the line

100 per cent uptime guarantee

World o' Flash: El Reg roundup report

AnalysisA-aah! Saviour of the universe

iPhones look good enough to eat

Culinary case collection

Euro beaks to rule if is legal

Is free-to-air free as air? Or not

'God Bless America': Atlantis prepares to return home

Patriotic wake-up call on last day of shuttle programme

MS bashes BlackBerry in tablet fight

PlayBook less popular than Windows tabs

Mounties charge Canadian IT guy over botnet scam

Worldwide keylogger empire alleged

Superman beats up cybersquatter

Man Of Steel takes back his web address

The greatest tech show on Earth

We attend Campus Party Valencia

HMRC strops its chopper, eyes £235m IT slash plan

Plans to collect more taxes, cut own costs as it does so

Google turns off sidelined Labs section altogether

'We’re+ prioritizing+ our+ product+ efforts+'. +++!

Panasonic pops out pair of snappers

Super-zoom and compact sibling

Biggest ever jump in web, non-store retail sales for June

Tumbleweeds in the high street, roaring trade elsewhere

End of an era: Atlantis hits the tarmac

UpdatedLast of the shuttles makes last ever landing

Ghost of 'ACS:Law' threatens alleged Greek filesharers

'Likely to be imposter' posing as bankrupt pirate-taker

Acer makes play for the cloud with iGware acquisition

Internally troubled Taiwanese giant belches up $320m

GE boosts micro-holo storage to Blu-ray speed

500GB recordable compact disc as step closer

Rupert Murdoch was never Keyser Soze

CommentChildish media and creepy politicians created this myth

Dell: Force 10 is 'shot in the arm' for networking

US titan plots direct and indirect sales strategy

My Translator Pro UK

iOS App of the WeekDove the pub, s'il vous please?

Hubble detects new Plutonian moon

Small fourth companion for faraway icy dwarf-world

Mobile coverage comes to embattled Misurata

'We are experiencing an outage due to rocket attacks'

Seagate beats Street, but outlook's bleak

Q4 results signal end of Golden Platter era

Virtualisation soaks up corporate IT love

A brief history of virtualisationGetting the Big Boys excited

Vodafone Smart Android smartphone

ReviewBudget Googlephone, anyone?

Shale gas frees Europe from addiction to Putin's Pipe

Vlad won't be able to turn the heating off any more

Your mom, girlf, boyf: Spying on your phone and email

If you don't call them that you're probably safe

TalkTalk drags arse in Ofcom ISP survey

DeafDeaf, more like, say customers

Fujitsu installs Windows 7... on a phone


'There's too much climate change denial on the BBC'

Dr Steven Jones' amazing claim - but Auntie agrees

Computacenter buys £5.4m-worth of DAMAX

You have to keep a watch on the Swiss

Alcatel Lucent ponders offload of enterprise unit

Cut this tentacle off, we could sell it for money

Nokia posts massive loss, blames 'ambiguity'

Horrific train crash at former world leader

SaaS for speedy relief of licence headaches

It's simpler than you think

LulzSec says it will partner with media on Murdoch emails

Inspired by Assange™?

'NATO RESTRICTED': The lowest possible classification

CommentAnonymous/LulzSec will have to do better than this

WD launches twin-platter 1TB monster

Scorpio big Blue

On counterfeits, fakes and Apple stores

Unfair aspersions cast on good resellers of Kunming?

Gamer claims complete console collection

Largest selection ever?

Cisco confirms new world channel structure

Impact of job cuts on partners revealed by channel chief

Apple paid $2.6bn of $4.5bn Nortel patent grab

Worth it to give Google's 'pi' a poke in the eye?

Adobe releases lengthy list of Apple Lion woes

19 apps with foul-ups from fatal to decidedly annoying

19,000 papers leaked to protest 'war against knowledge'

Prosecution of Reddit founder cited

Clouds and server refresh pump up Intel

Data Center Group carries its weight

Microsoft surprises Street with double-digit growth

Windows downturn masked by Office and giddy game gains

Groupon: Scoopon’s catch of the day

Quarter of a million settles squatting, trademark lawsuit

Oz lawmakers mull Facebook parental snoop rules

Could social networks go ‘R18+’?

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