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14th > July > 2011 Archive

NZ boffins take the plunge with submarine cable deal

Splash public cash on Pacific Fibre

Amazon's anti-iPad arises 'in October'

The other Jobsian nemesis

NBN Co completes 4G spectrum spend

While ACMA is yet to resolve TV interference issues

ISPs under a wholesale price squeeze, says Hackett

Internode forced to rejig plans

Microsoft COO: Our greatest enemy is old Windows

WPC 2011'Windows XP, Office 2003, IE6 - you know what? Dead'

Defragger salesman frags HP

'You need my stuff, don't listen to them,' shouts man

Ten... wireless speakers

Product Round-upIn the air tonight

EMC intros the mini VMAX

For those who don't want their back-ends compromised

Cisco's new UK/Ireland channel boss confirmed

Govbiz guvnor Richards to ascend throne

Sega forums still closed a month after mystery hack

Digital pillage leaves lasting damage

Advice on offshoring issued to IT bodies

No particular reason ...

Stipe croons 'Man on the Moon' to Atlantis crew

Not that any of them ever will be

Most Adobe Reader installs are out of date

Patchy patching leaves pdf backdoors open to intrusion

Brits lose out as iTunes prices jump

Aussies do well

Google muzzles political dissidents with YouTube ID tweaks

It's about silo wars not real ones here at Google+

World+Dog to favour dual-core laptops through 2014

Quad-core won't be big until the year after

California Mrs cuffed in drugged-hubby todger slash case

Unhappy man's manhood macerated in garbage disposal

Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA

ISP gets up to 'up to' tricks

Sony intros washable sports Walkman

Take it into the shower

Private equity saves SeeSaw

Michael Jackson put in charge. Woooo.

Before the PC: IBM invents virtualisation

A brief history of virtualisation

CIA's DARPA working on human-brain-mimicking tech

Company that built the first internet node hired

Blighty's rocketeers gather for ballistic love-in

'It's British, naturally string is involved'

Facebook begins to challenge Google in UK internet

Google up, but search down overall vs Web 2.0

Spotify to launch invite-only service in US

Britney Spears is gagging for it

Files Connect

iOS App of the WeekFetch files for your fondleslab

MAJOR HACK: Voda femtocells open phones up to intercept

UpdatedPass within 50m of one, they own your phone

GCHQ losing its 'internet whizzes' to Microsoft, Google

'Mission Fantastic' tech-spooks lured away by triple pay

Official: Pastafarian strainer titfer is religious headgear

All hail his noodly appendages, say Austrians

Acer slips to 4th place as global PC sales edge up

Lenovo shoves onto podium alongside HP and Dell

Steelie Neelie: 'Help us form Brussels data breach policy'

'Please be proportionate' begs UK ICO

Yuri Gagarin, legendary 'naut, makes London debut

First orbital human joins Captain Cook on the Mall

Scientists snap amazing technicolour dreamtoad

Lost, never-photographed rainbow batrachian rediscovered

Microsoft plans to open 75 retail stores in US

Dude, let's camp outside for the Windows 8 launch

Lying Facebook app offers Google+ invites

Trendjackers spam your friends, slurp your data

Murdochs won't talk to MPs over phone-hacking scandal

Rebekah Brooks will defend herself

Toshiba gets bit-patterning between its teeth

CommentHAMR may come too

XIV gets Infiniband and boosted CPUs

September release date for third-generation box

Sony confirms e-reader update imminent

Reader line to get wireless comms at last?

Voda: Femtocell phone-hacking vuln was fixed in 2010

News International scandal stirs interest in old backdoor

Murdoch man who also worked at Scotland Yard ARRESTED

Billionaire media tyrant and son carpeted by MPs

Griffin grounds phone-controlled copter until Xmas

Whup-whup-whup-whup-whup etc.

Adobe resuscitates 64-bit Flash for Linux

Penguins rejoice at prophesy fulfilled

IBM crams Lotus Symphony back into OpenOffice

Blows kisses at Oracle

Apple snuffs iPhone privacy complaint with Korean peanuts

Spotify launches unlimited free US service

Wait for a freebie invite. Or not

Google revenues top $9bn in Page's maiden quarter

Larry 'super excited' with Google Facebook

Boffins build JELL-O memory for your brain

Squishy memristor implants

Dell's Kace control freak ARMed for SMBs

Cover your assets

Sth Korea govt cracks down on blogger blaggers

No such thing as a free social media plug

FBI probes claims of Murdoch 9/11 hack

Did journos hire gumshoe to bag victim records?

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