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13th > July > 2011 Archive

AFACT escalating threats against ISPs: reports

Talk loudly and carry a bigger stick

Coke cans used to build sound-wave 'superlens'

French boffins in tinny acoustic focus triumph

VMware taxes your virtual memory

AnalysisThe hidden cost of vSphere 5

Apple's chief patent lawyer exits, says report

A Chip for a BJ

Marathon for iPad

iGamer'Frog blast the vent core!'

Videotree VideoSpa bathroom TV

ReviewSpray and display

Yell and Microsoft ink SMB deal

Doesn't matter that Yell previously sold itself to Google

Long-lost IT bigwig found in Surrey forest

'Great way of positioning capital' says Tarzan of the Channel

Euro court: eBay etc can be liable in fake tat cases

Online marts to cop it if they take 'active role'

'Bluetooth sniper' Windows vuln fix in light Patch Tuesday

Unpatched machines can be crashed wirelessly

Western Digital to offer Windows-based small storage

Wants a piece of that Soho pie action ... mmm

Microsoft gives glimpse of Windows Server 8

WPC 2011Forget vSphere, feel our Hyper-V love

Google sets up €4.5m academic legal institute in Berlin

Euro law must 'catch up' with using other people's stuff

German cops hunt HUGE ERECTION-inducing SPIDER

13cm Brazilian arachnid leaves victims panting, priapic

Coalition renames GCHQ internet spook-tech plans

IMP is dead: Long live the £2bn CCDP

.XXX to launch nothing-but-smut unsafe search

Hostile porno lords fear dominance

Anonymous spaffs Monsanto employees' details

Targets Canadian oil sands for 'Tarmageddon', too

UK smartphone market growth stalls

Potential upgraders not being persuaded to do so

Elton John rouses Atlantis crew - with Rocket Man

'Nauts toil to empty station bins, unload deliveries

LG debuts eye-tracking no-specs 3D screen

Monitor in 'interesting story' shock

Microsoft kills Windows Vista SP1 support

Update to proper, working Vista! We call it 'Windows 7'

Triceratops horn find supports meteor extinction theory

Hell Creek fossil not actually coated in iridium, but ...

vSphere 5 takes on HP with virtual storage appliance

Now there is more than one VMware-certified offering

Beeb flogs Doctor Who episodes via Facebook

Secure browsing has to be disabled to view pay-Cybermen

Data ownership becomes fuzzy in the cloud

Stand up for your rights

China Telecom plans iPhone launch, says report

Jesus mobe coming to more of the People

Lexus CT200h hybrid

ReviewToo posh to rush?

Sony launches 3D adverts channel for Bravia tellies

Are 3D TV owners really so desperate for content?

US court test for rights not to hand over crypto keys

EFF pushing for digital Fifth Amendment

Console gaming giant goes into handjobs

Electronic Arts buys Bejeweled maker PopCap

Moto cold shoulders upgrade-hungry Xoom users

No help for Brits stuck with Android 3.0 as Yanks get 3.2

Many parents are only on Facebook to stalk their kids

Try to friend offspring without speaking to them

News Corp kills BSkyB bid amid 'difficult climate'

But will besmirched Murdoch try again in 2012?

Bischoff's bargain-basement breakout battle at Acer

Fujitsu vet wrestles mighty landslide of cheapo boxes

Netflix splits DVD, streaming offers in 60% price hike

Think of it as a discount on a thing you never use!

Oracle alarmed as Avnet TS loses Bharat

'We are really surprised', say Ellison's men

Cisco gooses switching, virtual I/O for blades

Servers not yet crossing Sandy Bridge

Ballmer's breaking point: Is Windows 8 already too late?

Radio RegOffice 365 politics

Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?

Open...and ShutBetter isn't always better

Bangs for bucks: Our lightning tour of cloudonomics

How to measure a piece of string

VMware: We will virtualize entire world in six years

Deeper and deeper penetration

W3C moves to snuff Apple web patents

Er, Steve. HTML5 is royalty free

Database high priest mud-wrestles Facebook

Rubbishes MySQL. Bitchslaps NoSQL

Google top brass (and Zuck) hit Google+ privacy button

Do as we say, not as we do

PayPal teaches Androids to swap cash

Touch, vibrate, pay up

Berkeley Lab preps 100 Gbps prototype network

Level 3 and Ciena on board

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