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12th > July > 2011 Archive

Website FAIL flings freebies at Kiwi punters

Dick Smith coughs up free tech gear

Quickflix hires another ex-Telstra exec

Readies for digital

ACCC calls for input on wholesale rules

Define ‘discrimination’

Data centres become carbon tax scare-story

Your rackspace will cost you more!

IBM heaves new System z minis at mainframe shops

Hooking fat Xeon blades into 'system of systems'

Contour GPS Bluetooth camcorder

ReviewExtreme sports shooter with iPhone viewing

UK court dishes out 13 years' porridge to e-fraudsters

Cyber-cops: £1m phishermen had 40 bogus bank sites

Putting the Square Kilometre Array on a Cloud

Should be enough to get free Amazon shipping, anyway

ISS and Atlantis crews face 'daunting' box-shifting job

'Nauts must shift 4 tons of shopping, 2½ tons of station bins

Over 900 police staff caught misusing databases

Cops check squeezes, neighbours, pass info to crims

Go Daddy no-no means No Daddy is no-go

High-ranking gripe nemesis nabbed by target

Dinner Spinner

Android App of the WeekBring me vicious mustards to pierce the tongue like Cardigan's lancers

Assange™ in court to fight extradition order

WikiLeaks' boss appeal hearing begins

Brussels acts to ensure arrival of new, unknown legal highs

Crackdown should mean boost for Chinese synthi-drug labs

MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support

'Eventually, there comes a time to give us more money'

Computacenter Germany pips UK operation in growth stakes

But for you, Fritz, the glory will be short-lived

'Being cyber-stalked is as bad as being raped, or in a war'

Amazing claim from, erm, a new cyberstalk research centre

Sunday Times accused of blagging Gordon Brown's records

Murdoch's troubles fail to die with NotW

Sony pitches portable HDD for TVs, PS3

SuperSpeed spinner

'I caught a virus from Murdoch's organ' – famous secret hooker

Malware de Jour also hit Girl With One-Track Mind

Netflix Europe debut set for January 2012

Spanish movie industry exec spills beans

Cisco may slash 10,000 jobs

Company-wide axe massacre set for next month

HP TouchSmart 610 touchscreen all-in-one PC

ReviewQuite literally, laid back

'Unconvincing' Met top cop Yates: My phone was hacked

But I didn't think it was worth investigating

Zycko flogged to management team

Networking distie founder Sweet cashes in

Citrix swallows OpenStack ally

Cross-platform promise

'Meltdown Monday' Anonymous hackers leak military mails

AntiSec hacktivists blasted for breaking own manifesto

US Marine gets date with Meg Griffin on YouTube

'Do it for your country', Justin Timberlake urges

Hunt splashes £56.9m broadband cash on Wales

'Frustrated? Urge your member to fatten up your pipe'

Elpida aims to issue $1bn of paper to fund re-tooling

DRAM it, we've been left behind

McAfee head vanishes, replaced by two more

Security management à la Lernaean hydra

Interwebs IDE hits the mother Node

Joyent on Cloud9

BlackBerry-style LG Android phone outed

An Optimus for pros, apparently

Heat sink breakthrough threatens ventblockers

Death to dust, curtains for crud

VMware launches vSphere 5 into the clear blue sky

'We run 50 per cent of everything'

Microsoft: HP, eBay polishing Azure cloud-in-a-box (honest)

WPC 2010Deadlines reset, evaluations ongoing

NASA 'nauts wrap last spacewalk of shuttle era

Clapped-out ISS ammonia unit stowed aboard Atlantis

Ruby daddy Matsumoto joins Heroku Rails crusade

Some time in cloud land

HTC 'dismayed' by Apple's bizarre patent allegations

Assertions only a lawyer could love

New NZ copyright law means ISPs could cash in

Illegal downloaders on your network? Charge the content owners

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