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7th > July > 2011 Archive

Google and Microsoft sued over interwebs street maps

Patent attacks Street View. And Street View knockoff

Kazaa founder Bermeister returns, with key cloud patents

Eyes content, music business in fee-fest

ESA unveils billion pixel camera that will map the Milky Way

That’s not a camera: this is the camera

Deep inside AMD's master plan to topple Intel

Back to the top on a radical GPU

Bug-Byte Manic Miner

Antique Code ShowDig for victory

WTO: China being naughty over rare-earth exports

Trying to lure more factories from overseas

ICO: Volunteer to be audited by us, we might not bust you

'No, don't do that', says a lawyer

Orange puts budget smartphones on the map

Now in stock... holm

Nice try, Amazon: 'One-click' payment too obvious to patent

EU Patent Office rules on clickery-pokery lawyery try-on

Phoenix IT Group bags industry veteran Courtley as CEO

Fujitsu, EDS and Epeopleserve man set to join up

Culture Minister Vaizey on Google, P2P filesharers and website-blocking

Comment'There is no conspiracy'

Gov coughs extra £81m for firefighter command & control

'Need is as great as it was before the huge cockup'

Zuck brushes aside dull 750m Facebook sign-ups metric

It's all about sharing ... bitch

Internet fraud laundryman gets two years in cooler

Handed over suitcase with £470,000 to man in car park

iPad 2 to gain double-res display - but not until 2012

Analysts forecast tweaked, not new, fondleslab

Splashtop Remote Desktop

iOS App of the WeekControl your computer from your Fondleslab or phone

ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind

Where and who are the Anons? Everywhere and everyone

Rustock zombies halved as clean-up efforts continue

Leaderless undead remotely brain-shot from Redmond

HP TouchPad costs more to make than Apple iPad 2

Just about

New Tosh R&D centres to look into advanced disk tech

HAMRing more data into the platter

Only jailbroken iPhones, iPads can be safe from latest vuln

iUsers with unmeddled tech must wait for Apple patch

Sony pains pre-owned game punters with PSN Pass

Net profits

El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane

Gutsy 'rockoon' launch for Vulture 2, daughter of PARIS

LG dooms then un-dooms portable games consoles

Optimistic Optimus

Feds cuff programmer in alleged trading-ware theft

Say Chinese-born Chicago coder had flight booked

HuffPo goes UK: But shills and pols writing for free isn't new

'I once got 800 words in the Sport as a 50ish Spanish lady'

'Transparent' PM dishes up more public datasets

And sprinkles more cash on London's Silicon Roundabout

Home Office to review future of Sprint ii framework

Gov will reassess deal after launch of police ICT firm

Virgin and Spotify: A step forward for digital music

AnalysisBut most of the work has yet to be done

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s 14in Core i5 laptop

ReviewSuits more than suits

OCZ sets up its flash stall in the enterprise bazaar

Soon to plonk down brace of new offerings

Universal Music passwords exposed by Anonymous hack

AntiSec strikes again

Apple App Store passes 15bn download mark

75 for every fondleslab, Jesus mobe or iPod Touch

Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you

CommentWant to use our stuff? Have to let us use yours

Apple fails to get US 'App Store' trademark injunction

Judge backs Amazon against fruitbite cargo cult

Virgin gives early adopters benefit of recent price cut

First TiVo owners get £50 refund

News of the World TO CLOSE

So long and thanks for all the tits

Avnet TS senior veep Coburn exits amid divisional tweak

'Amicable' departure for pastures new

SAP locks down co-CEOs

Two prongs until 2017

Oracle coughs up Java 7 release candidate

A non-revolution five years in the making

ARM daddy simulates human brain with million-chip super

RISC chip choice is a no-brainer

Microsoft muzzles IE chief's 'native HTML' nonsense

Balderdash bug report closed

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