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5th > July > 2011 Archive

South Korea to throw away schoolbooks by 2015

Teachers to be given 'digital training'

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna smartphone

ReviewEnd of an era?

Apple MacBook Airs to get new, superfast 19nm Flash

Obvious implications for the iPad

Local councils shed CIOs as cuts bite

Opportunity for outsourcers, but pickings may be slim

Intrinsic Technology flogged to management for £30m

IT and comms reseller attracts VC investment

UK will obey Euro unisex-insurance rules from 2013

'Goes against the grain of common sense'

Atlantis crew prepare for the 'Final Countdown'

End of an era for US manned spaceflight

Quantum says it's back and ready to join the storage fray

Comment'The cloud is nothing new'

Benefits of boozing outweigh harms, says survey

Aha! So that's why people do it so much!

Google shutters Realtime Search after Twitter deal expires

Tweet firehose still spraying into Bing, Yahoo

ALK CoPilot Live Premium HD

Android App of the WeekGet your motor running

Sony quietly tests PlayStation Network revamp

Aesthetic support

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail

'Heinous' and 'despicable', says family's lawyer

DIY provisioning: the answer to your virtualisation dreams?

Take control of your destiny

Plans to move gov online 'lack cyber-security', say MPs

Cabinet Office warned not to deliver half-baked effort

HP plan for faster, 64GB TouchPad leaks out

Early adopter penalty?

Popular FTP package download tarball poisoned

'Someone having a few lulz', suggests author

Northamber to split with vendors again

Surrey distie set to break with Cisco and Toshiba

Chinese coal blamed for global warming er... cooling

Economists ride into sulphurous cloud of aerosols

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

ReviewRobotic behaviour

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray available to order

Snappy days

Apple orders millions of iPhone 5s for September release

Insiders blabber again

HP poaches latest ESSN EMEA boss from Logica

Pins hopes on Peter Ryan outlasting his predecessor

Mexican narco attempts suitcase jailbreak

Visiting girlfriend pulled over improbable weight of 'underwear'

Burnish your blacklists to patrol internet access

DesktopStop them at the gates

Tablet fever cools as e-readers heat up

Who says Americans don't read?

EnterpriseDB comforts HP-UX shops with PostgreSQL

Come on, HP. Buy the thing. Then buy Red Hat

Facebook snuffs Chrome extension for uncaging 'friends' data

What your friends share with you is not yours

Anti-PowerPoint Party vows end to death by slides

Brain turning to mush? There's an APPP for that

Facebook, Google, and the war to lock you in

Open...and ShutTheir Own Private Interwebs

Call of Duty given ultimate Star Wars makeover

Modder warfare

Microsoft strategy chief quits Redmond

Facebook, Nokia, Sun, Novell. He sweet-talked them all

Verizon Wireless ends unlimited data plans

Just like AT&T. Only more expensive

Chip makers thrive on tablets, e-readers, cars

Semiconductor sales rise despite PC doldrums

Cisco drives epic Chinese surveillance network, says report

Half million Big Brother cams

Microsoft publishes Wi-Fi data collection code

'Look at us! We're not Google!'

Sony signs development deal with Aussie audiophiles

Audio Pixels takes patents up to 11

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