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30th > June > 2011 Archive

Digital content faces rating scrutiny

Classification reforms usher in red tape for new media

Atom smasher claims Hadoop cloud migration victory

Big-data love in the datacenter

Twitter co-founder quits day job

Stone reunites with Williams for Obvious start-ups

AppSense in HP tie-up

Win pushes UK vendor towards NASDAQ future

Chess crown stripped in plagiarism furore

Computer champion copied code

CA coughs up $330m in cash for apps dev house

Interactive TKO borged

Microsoft floats 'site-ready' IE10 preview

Firefox kerfuffle rolls on

IBM boffins claim phase change memory breakthrough

Catch my drift

Hackers steal personal data of military, gov personnel

Please don't feed the spear phishers

Digital Rupert’s bumper $545m loss

MySpace sold to Specific Media with Timberlake as star investor

Yahoo! tech boss gazes beyond Hadoop

MapReduce goes only so fast

Koreans visit Tesco through subway hoardings

Fresh fruit and veg from the underground

Lenovo Thinkpad X220T 12.5in tablet PC

ReviewA fondleslab too far?

Oracle's Java plan trapped in last century

Clouds leave Ellison behind

Lloyds aims 15,000 job cuts at IT and back office

Banking group to withdraw from 15 countries

17 flock to see Gordon Ramsay turkey

Love's Kitchen takes £121 in opening week

Efficiency and Reform Group 'has saved over £3bn'

It's all about understanding

How that Oracle and Pillar earn-out really works

CommentLosses need reversing

German vulture detective hits turbulence

Bird-brained search-and-rescue scavenger

HP TouchPad 9.7in WebOS tablet

Hands OnThe true alternative to Android and Apple?

Everything is converging on the network

Keep traffic moving

Spikes in demand get lost in the cloud

Which service is best?

Wholesaler swallows VADition whole

Exclusive Networks Group pats belly

Apple's white MacBook drought set to flip to gush

Entry-level device to flood European channels next week

Lego lover builds big Barad-dûr replica

Tower record?

Olympus rewrites Pen system camera specs

Mini, Lite and flagship models announced

Brainscan breakthrough: Working robot limbs come closer

Brains in jars controlling cyber colossi, too, of course

Feds on trail of LulzSec raid Ohio house

And Lulzers turn on m_nerva

The Cube: Apple's daftest, strangest romance

This Old BoxTen years on, we remember the bonkers box

New plan: Send humans into space, keep the robots on Earth

Usual space exploration model topsy-turvinated by ESA

Skype brings cross-platform video to Android

No more pretending to be in the office

Patriot hackers disrupt al-Qaeda websites

Ellen Degeneres teaches bombers to bake cupcakes

Strike hits police, ICO and the Rev

HMRC not looking good either

Feds shut down poker site

With a bit of help from wee Channel Island

Pricey Apple Thunderbolt cable inner chippery exposed

40 quid for wires... and 12 chips

T-Mobile to tout 'truly unlimited' mobile data plan

Surf's up

Star Wars fans want Sony sued over game shutdown

Fear of loss, a path to the dark side is

The freakonomics of smut: Does it actually cause rape?

CommentPlenty of reasons for thugs never to leave the house

Radio society responds to radio selloff

Difficult details, dodgy premise

Spam volumes show massive drop - but why?

Botnets switched to denial of service duties. Yay!

Gov piles pressure on News Corp in BSkyB bid

We're watching you, matey

Solix offers application euthanasia services

Application morticians, when apps become ExAPPS

Microsoft: Office 365 outages 'will' happen

Installs cash-back scheme to counter crappiness

Wimbledon grunters turned down by viewers

Served over the 'net

Big Blue offers staff Apples

Hey, You! It's Macs not ThinkPads

Amazon throws tax hissy-fit, dumps California affiliates

Taxes are for the little people. And Wal-Mart...

Moderatrix kisses the Reg goodbye

Commentard scourge says emotional farewell

Intel takes CPU market share from AMD in Q1

Catches chipset bug bullet in teeth

Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle

He won't go quietly, huh

AMD gets in Intel's grille with desktop Fusion rollout

'We win', howls AMD

Xboxer SWATTED by armed cops after online spat

When games get (really) ugly

Gartner forecast reinflates IT spending balloon

Cloud cash promised

Testing time for updated Javascript standard

Improved web apps interop promised

Google's epic graph cruncher mimicked with open source

And then there was GoldenOrb

Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

The rising cost of 'free'

Insider says doom looms at RIM

BlackBerry apps 'suck', dev tools '%&@!$#%'

NBN Co launches satellite services

Rural Oz gets 6Mbps

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