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29th > June > 2011 Archive

Mosman Council Website copied by Anonymous

Wget would have worked nearly as well

Microsoft hires Disney man for consumer crusade

Corporate mission: to be less stodgy

Vodafone to correct billing error

Other ports? What other ports?

Google field tests (yet another) Facebook rival

Everyone is not your friend

ABC vs Sky News for $220m deal to beam Oz TV into Asia

Conroy trumps Rudd as decision-maker

News Corp buys parenting blog for $45m

Former Seek exec makes millions

VMware whitewashes self in open source

Open...and ShutThe new Red Hat. And the new Red Hat rival

Boffins triple battery life with metal foam

Power pores pump Lithium-ion

Bidders crowd MySpace

Going for a song

History's first papal tweet launches Vatican website

Primo pipio a Benedictus XVI

LG Optimus Black

ReviewNo, not a new Harry Potter villain...

Technology investors urge US politicians to reject web-blocking law

Tech backers say proposed copyright protection law will 'chill investment'

Google bolsters monopoly defence

Gamekeeper turned poacher

Universal wireless tech to gain HDMI

60GHz WiGig to replace even more wires

Draw and fold working circuitry with the silver-ink pen

Surely the ultimate, wantable badge of the Übergeek

Square gets $1bn valuation with $100m investment

So hip it has trouble seeing over its pelvis

Microsoft releases first service pack for Office 2010

SP1 arrives as Office 365 pulls out of station

When hybrid clouds are a mixed blessing

Aiming for the best of both worlds

Replication 101: How to make quick copies of your data

Best to keep a spare set


iOS App of the WeekE-library lending comes to the Walled Garden

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate

Telecoms boss says 'BO11 LUX' to DVLA

Lenovo ThinkPad pad emerges

Fondleslab folio combo

Smut lure powers Tumblr phish scam

Thousands hooked

Oracle woos dealers with cash to stem sliding server sales

Forget about IBM and HP, Oracle loves you

Nokia 'thinnest smartphone ever' slips out

Symbian Belle not the end?

StorSimple stares down EMC and NetApp

CommentDisruption afoot

Atlantis go for 8 July blast-off

Green light for 'incredibly important' last shuttle mission

Does it pay to be bad? Silver Lake's Skype sale fine print

Don't be evil stupid

Virgin teases with TiVo iPad app snap

Keeping mum on the details

Microsoft patent points to Skype snooping

Just what the government ordered

Facebook claimant gets new lawyer

All change for alleged half-owner

Ads watchdog bites Virgin Media over 'con' claims

Dirty denigration

Shadows of the Damned

ReviewResident devil

Keenan on CRU, open data and the Royal Society

UEA fired at feet - Royal Society replicated the experiment

DotGovLabs opens to public

'Skunkworks' team crowdsources digital solutions to public service problems

EC chips in a third for €22.3m splurge on photonic networking

I see the light, and the light is fast

London Olympics shop in Union Jack outrage

Rebrands British standard, heads likely to roll

Cloudera promises 'Google-like' Big Data dream in minutes

UpdatedHadoop shop automates so you don't have to

Police body defends controversial procurement deal

Sprint ii framework predicted to save £18m over three years

90% of visitors declined ICO website's opt-out cookie

Oh sir... it's only wafer thin... Just the one, sir...

Budget airlines warned over 'hidden' debit card charges

Surprise surcharge shocker

Oracle buying Ellison-backed Pillar Data

Fills SAN hole in storage line-up

Canada buys Obama's reject Brit choppers for spare parts

Lesson for the Royal Navy and RAF?

Boffin hacks Wi-Fi to double mobile gadget battery life

Saving your beacon

Scientists print out solar cells using inkjet tech

Sheet hot

Sony bomby-batteries pre-fingered

Market stitch-up mucho?

Chinese gov demands less news in internet channels

Seeks to achieve what western media does effortlessly

Apigee beefs API service for payment card transactions


Cloud 'will spur server sales'

Boxes worth $9.4bn by 2015, says analyst

Anonymous smites Orlando after charity arrests

Two fingers to Florida over homeless beef

Sony says virtual reality is virtually a reality

'Got the power to do it,' says exec

Vodafone hikes PAYG call costs

Inflation nation

Dwarfish two-legged dino 'was greatest head-butter ever'

Glasgow not yet built at the time site goes offline, Oracle declines to comment

OpenJDK portal also out of action...

Samsung runs to the ITC to seek Apple ban

What, a litigation route left unexplored?

Microsoft confirms departure of ID, access boss

ExclusiveConrad Bayer becomes latest victim in big shake-up

Tag Heuer readies €4700 Froyo phone

Ferrari price, Vauxhall spec

Deduping the digital universe

The great wall of iPads

Infosmack goes cloudwalking in China

Ringside interview

Key internet address server sees spike in traffic

K-root down, but not (yet) out

Oracle: 'Google owes $2.6bn in damages'

Android number nailed

Intel plans Oak Trail successors for Windows 8 arrival

"One-two chip-software punch" reported

MapR unleashes two 'next-generation' Hadoop distros

Well, one next-generation, and one free semi-next

Middle man: Dell expands on growth plans

Smart phones and tablets for biz

IBM preps mini-mainframe for launch

The System z upgrade cycle continues

'Indestructible' rootkit enslaves 4.5m PCs in 3 months

Latest TDSS embraces p2p, antivirus

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