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28th > June > 2011 Archive

Facebook reveals next-gen Open Compute wares

Double your servers, double your fun

IBM to snuff last Cell blade server

Six months until HPC shops go on Power, GPU diet

US IT spending surge double-times GDP

Turgidity x 2 = 'Whew...'

US Supremes to hear warrantless GPS tracking case

Surveillance in the digital age

Facebook fever prices social network at $70bn

We're forever blowing bubbles

Apple’s long divorce from Samsung near final

TSMC affair rumored

Anonymous claims LulzSec merger

Yet more hacktivist prankster shenanigans promised

Google in preemptive strike on Microsoft Office 365

'365 reasons to use Google Apps'

PopBox 3D set-top media player

ReviewGoggle box

Opera 11.50 debuts with Speed Dial extensions

Beyond the thumbnail

Arkeia bigs up sliding windows dedupe

CommentAnything you backup I backup better

Accused autistic hacker Ryan Cleary freed on bail

Home to Mum with a tag on his ankle

EMC regains SPEC filer crown

I'd like to thank God, my parents, Isilon...

Oracle to overhaul reseller rebates

Channel boss Althoff set to explain all in a con call

Liam Maxwell appointed to advise on gov ICT

Conservative advisor takes Cabinet Office position for 11 months

Apple's MobileMe has a wobble

Users hunt for mail server, answers

Music on plastic discs still popular, apparently

What's a CD?

Lightbox Photos

Android App of the WeekSnap your status

Apple quietly Trims MacBook Air SSDs

Drive performance boost from 10.6.8

US Navy invents 'Zero-Power Autonomous' ocean probe

Crafty bacterio-buoyancy underwater podule triumph

SEC investigates disgraced Systemax exec

Former reseller bigwig Fiorentino under spotlight

Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year

Busy September for Apple?

Freedoms Bill: Gov may U-turn on personal data and DNA retention

Law and order: Coalition's intent

French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google

1plusV pleads with Mountain View to end 'suffocation' of market

Sony goes slim with the Vaio Z laptop

Gains Media Dock add-on for desktop power

Office 365: Can Microsoft replace Microsoft?

The desktop roadblock

McAfee to wipe mess off .xxx pr0n sites

Free virus scan bundled with new domains

Time to lower the data centre’s temperature

Keep cool with the latest in servers

Cloud storage survey FAIL: May have to, er, back up

CommentDoh! Own numbers show local disk costs plummeting

Visa pushes NFC operator bypass on French

iPhone gets proximity payments in France

Proper scientists: Old folk should drink more, not less

UK call for booze crackdown on elderly slammed

Eco investors demand (even) more sweeteners for low carbon energy

Help us to help you save Gaia

Drunken bust-up woman sprays cops with breast milk

Ohio jub juice bandit faces substantial rack of charges

Cable & Wireless boss falls on sword

Third profit warning and out

Kim Cameron returns to Microsoft as indie ID expert

Keeping his hand in Redmond's cryptography pond

MySpace sacks more

More bad news for Murdoch's web grab

Brewer bashes Beeb over anti-beer bias

Wine whiners want trad telly tipple

Blow to the head makes people feel good about religion

Brain damage, satisfaction and 'higher power' linked

Smartphone security gets better: Blanket bans no longer inevitable

King Canute approach to iOS and Android no longer a runner, says Symantec


ReviewFright or flight?

Actor Simon Pegg warns over banking Trojan Twitter hack

Malware that can 'shrink iPads' not altogether funny

Acer slides 16GB Iconia Tab A500 onto UK shelves

Dual-core fondleslab flutters in

LightSquared faces challenge from the House

Yet another hurdle to be jumped

Gambling companies must be extra careful with personal data

OpinionProtect punters' info while palming their cash

US court okays violent videogames for kids

In the name of free speech

ICO orders release of (mostly useless) weather station data

CRU cuts of weather datasets released into the wild

Punters to spend $2.1 trillion on e-tat this year

Way more money spent on digital plumbing than what's piped through

Umbrella-wielding Steve Ballmer gets cloudy with Office 365

Microsoft boss prepares for webby downpour

MS advises drastic measures to fight hellish Trojan

UpdatedKill it with fire!

Teenager tries to trade virginity for iPhone

My cherry for your Apple

Renault pledges Fluence ZE will be UK's cheapest e-car

'Ullo, Jean, got a new motor?

Mastercard blitzed again in further DDoS attack

UpdatedHistory repeating

ISS crew man the lifeboat

Space junk prompts retreat to Soyuz capsule

Produce purveyors create edible iPhone

Fruit cocktail combines to make an Apple

Google activates half million Androids a day

Little credit to tablets, presumably

Oracle Solaris 11 to abandon elderly servers

Sun sets on UltraSparc I through IV+

Groupon India publishes 300,000 user passwords

Stored in the clear, indexed by Google

Google Apps v Microsoft Office 365: Rumble in the enterprise

ReviewTo web or kinda sorta to web

Microserver chip performance smackdown

Tilera v Atom v ARM, with worried Xeon watching

Yahoo! seeds Hadoop startup on open source dream

Hortonworks hears a Big Data revolution

IBM gets fat on Oracle-HP Itanium spat

Larry's Unix enemy is Big Sam's too

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