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23rd > June > 2011 Archive

Australia toughens cybercrime laws

Conventional thinking

Man battles police siege with Facebook

'Homie' outs SWAT tactics

Red Hat: 'Yes, we'll break $1 billion this year'

Rolls in the green

Naratte launches ultrasonic contactless payments

Takes soundings on ditching NFC chips

ANU plasma thruster gets research boost

Hopefully to Europe, and beyond

Man infects college PCs to steal huge database

Uni president targeted in brazen attack

Oracle's Android claims slashed by US patent authorities

Prior art cited

Tritton AX Pro 5.1-channel gaming headphones

ReviewFour speakers per cup, anyone?

VMware taps Google ethos with Cloud Foundry

StructureOne admin for every thousand machines

Faking reviews? You should fret about more than illegality

OpinionFibbing risks f***ing your reputation

Plods roll out new Police National Database

'You'd be amazed how crap our IT was until now'

Feds crack multi-million scareware ring

Multinational gang face 20 years

Dixons reports huge losses of £224m

One-off charges and consumer meltdown batter PC-peddler

Quick Office

iOS App of the WeekTake your work away

Winklevoss twins drop Facebook settlement appeal

Lengthy legal dispute draws to a close

Phone hack police make new arrest

Non-journo nabbed

Indians appoint Huawei as technical spycatcher

No one else wanted the gig

UK census data is safe

Nobody knows you're a Jedi

Unlock the secrets of data encryption

Be safe rather than sorry

Three strikes, throttling coming to US surfers

Oh, really?

Women's gaydar (for men) improves when ovulating

Red-hot 'mating prime materials' inflame sorority girls

Schmidt sees NFC terminals everywhere

But Google won't be paying for them

Zerto offering hypervisor-level replication

Just another ESX service from the Brothers Kedem

Apple pulls 'intifada' app

Developer guidelines to the rescue

Ten... festival survival gadgets

Product Round-upHappy camping

Speed is the essence of WAR

WAR on the cloud, Part 4Data location, location, location

Travelodge hacked, investigating

Hotel chain's customers aggrieved

Aussie web host sells up after devastating hack

Industry rallies following crippling online strike

Mirror TV hits the wall

Viewer glass darkly

Virgin Media blames Activision for Call of Duty lag problems

'Rubbish scores... dead before I get the game on screen!'

Make sure your data finds a safe harbour

Danger in international waters

Harry Potter Web-2.0 'Pottermore' offering unveiled

Hogwarts themed interactive gamebookface from Sony

Sega celebrates two decades of Sonic the Hedgehog

Spiky mascot blows out the candles

Microsoft BPOS biz-cloud hit by another outage

Corporate BOFHs in America and London left fuming

Coalition axes Central Office of Information, 400 jobs

Keep Britain Tidy, Aids Monolith people shown the door

BT wary of rights holders' site-blocking proposal

Go fly a kitemark

Eurodata acquired by Trinity Expert Systems

Mid-market reseller consolidation continues in the channel

Europe-wide ecommerce laws ahoy!

Better for business and consumers

Dutch pass net neut law

Cloggies clobber cookies, too

Wi-Fi operators promise globo roaming standard

An alliance of alliances

Fridge-sized war raygun for US bombers gets $40m

Pew pew pew pew pew pew WARNING OVERHEAT WARNING Aw jeez

Nokia's Windows phone outed on video

Mango crush

Apple closes book on iPhone-look jotter

Branded paper pushes envelope

King K super: does it refute hybrid HPC model?

ISC'11GPUs are still GPU-riffic

Red Hat enlists another 65 names in war on VMware

Cloud lining polished

DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in

Open...and ShutChoice? There's no app for that

Google to be hit by US anti-trust probe - report

FTC preps microscope, eyes Mountain View ass

Three flavours of client-side virtualisation

Set your operating systems free

Man admits writing script that slurped celebrity iPad data

Goatse troll first to fall

Microsoft commits to Windows makeover for Node.js

Embraces open source dev darling

America demands definition of fourth generation

I did not have a 4G connection with that woman

Google apps split with Google File System

Closed source Hadoop jilted for 'Colossus'

IBM fattens up Netezza data warehouses

Fresh TwinFins

Feds declare victory over notorious Coreflood botnet

Unprecedented take-down gets results

Apple strangleholds worldwide battery output

Ultrathin revolution starved for power

Microsoft cites 'security' for TechNet suspension

When did you last abuse your subscription?

Telstra, Optus expand filter list

Not quite the “great firewall”

Oracle to triple Exadata installs this year

Ellison closes first $10bn quarter

Apple Snow Leopard update sets stage for Lion

The install before the install

Accused SOCA attacker reportedly 'keen' to help cops

Bail rejected at Thursday hearing

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