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22nd > June > 2011 Archive

Japan quake to hit supply chain for rest of 2011

Semiconductor sales slow following production delays

EFF backs away from Bitcoin

As the Mt Gox outage drags on

FBI fat-thumbs data centre raid

Don’t know which rack? Take ‘em all

Nano-materials could recharge phones from keyboard taps

Next, could tyre-kickers recharge ‘leccy cars?

Apple's cloud chief floats away

'I've looked at clouds from both sides now'

The real reason most source is closed? Open is hard

Open...and ShutWe have the desire. But not the means

Nokia E6 smartphone

ReviewBack in business?

Firing back at LulzSec

Hack or hoax?

SMEs get hit harder in a market crisis, say biz profs

Panicking money-men see big firms as safer

Euro space truck consigned to flaming death

Johannes Kepler burns up over Pacific

Alleged LulzSec hacker still inside

Questioning continues

Ministry of Justice signs for info security service

BAE Systems Detica on board

ITV player streams onto Android

Emmerdale palm

Cybercops close to domain conduct deal

Useless guidelines for harmless registrars

Norwegian diplomats brush up on black metal

Exporting local culture to the world

OCZ Vertex bashes users with Blue Screen of Death

Ain't no thing

Comet in bad way after big losses

Retail giant to close or sell stores, cuts HQ headcount

Bluetooth goes 3D with Apple

We hope you'll like our new direction

Netizens mobilise to recover precious stolen guitar

Have you seen this vintage Gibson Les Paul?

Name and shame fat cat bureaucrats, Number 10 told

Show me the moggy

NHS IT boss walks out and steps back

Sick of it

Endeavour commander Mark Kelly quits NASA

'Not an easy decision', admits veteran astronaut

iPhone 5 gets iPad 2 chip and souped-up snapper

Insiders blab to Bloomberg

MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

Twitter fanbois demand resurrection of burned-out platform

ESA to launch suborbital test spaceplane in 2013

Lifting-body robo ship to come down 'as if from orbit'

Sony Ericsson announces trio of talkers

Two new Androids on the way

OCZ, SanDisk in flash scrap

Anything you can do I can do better

Child of Eden


Your NFC tap-pay phone: Soon a movie or train ticket too

AnalysisWhat else is in wallets apart from cash? No, not condoms

UK taxpayer 'fleeced' in spectrum selloff windfall

MP Watson gets stuck into the auction

Apple's new Final Cut Pro X 'not actually for pros'

'Rebuilt from ground up' application has fans too

'Four million Amazon Tablets' ready for autumn - report

Kindle fondle slab blab

Eclipse splashes Indigo release for Java devs

The e4 future, however, is still on hold

Post Office going tap-cash in 2012

Jingle of tills gradually falls silent across the land

BBC iPlayer graces BT's Vision

Content subscribers?

Tape lives! Quantum books library deal with HP

HP to OEM midsize, 8 petabyte data fridge

Flying Keymouse II takes to the air

Pointing not waving

US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs 'unlawful'

Database likely to be used against non-serious crimes

Booze for wrinklies: Good or bad?

Psychologists wrangle over old-timers' drinking

Dealers' outrage at Microsoft Office 365 cloud-sales plans

'We lose control of the client'

Xen virt-wizards jump ship from Citrix to start 'Bromium'

Agnostic hypervisors to finally deliver IT security?

Magicbox Torque touchpad DECT phone

Txt TakeDesigner cordless

Top500 founders talk big

K Computer Tops Competition by 3x

Server admin kit spans heaven and data center

Bladelogic man goes to Scalextremes

ITIL struggles to catch up with private cloud

Framework needs to keep fit

Blade servers 101

The pluses and minuses

VMware moves vSphere 5.0 to launch pad

'Next step forward in cloud infrastructure'

Judge lets Apple keep secrets from Samsung

You show me yours...

Malicious software downloads invade WordPress

Mandatory password reset enforced

Apple's next iPhone planned for September, says report

Faster processor and better camera

RIM cuts PlayBook sales forecast, report says

Summer sales boost on improved models

Amazon marries MapReduce with VM auctions

StructureBid for Big Data crunches

UK man charged with attack that shut down SOCA site

Investigation of Ryan Cleary continues

Cloud no cure for IT department haters

Go ahead, install Salesforce. Please

Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?

WhisperCore to the rescue (some restrictions apply)

Microsoft: 'You can get your data onto Azure for free!'

StructureGetting it off? Not free

Telstra announces copper retirement agreement

Updated: Also OptusPoint of no return for National Broadband Network?

Alca-Lu dumped by Singapore NBN

Replaced by rival ZTE

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