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21st > June > 2011 Archive

Mellanox uncloaks future InfiniBand switches

ISC'11FDR afterburners

Web authentication authority suffers security breach

Counterfeit certificates sought for high-profile sites

Google bypasses admin controls with latest Chrome IE

'Screw your BOFH. Install our plug-in'

Upstairs, downstairs: IT goes into service

Everything on a tray

CSIRO opens Cape Grim pollution data

Also opens new solar power demonstrator

Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

Open...and ShutSteve Jobs in denial?

WTF are... connected appliances?

I want my automated kitchen, and I want it now

Elite UK police agency website downed by Lulzsec

SOCA left eggfaced by DDoS

US air passenger cuffed over low-flying pants

'So low his genitals were almost showing'

Apple MacBook Air reportedly back... in black

iPod-like multi-coloured Macs in the offing?

Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone

No dates for Windows as burning-platform orphan debuts

Chinese official's affair goes very public

You mean tweets aren't private?

Bangalore orders Street View spy cars to stop it

City cops halt Google image-trawlers

Brussels to banks: Prepare for tougher data breach rules

Shocked commissioner hopes to improve consumer confidence online

CSC's iSoft takeover cleared

Green light for key NHS supplier

Formula 1

Android App of the WeekPetrolhead paradise


Don't approach without a biohaz suit and a flamethrower

BMW intros revamped Mini as sporty MG-alike


MIPS chip slips through Android compliance

Green robot no longer an ARM exclusive

Intel HPC plans need exascale I/O and storage

ISC'11Balancing HPC compute, networking and storage

Mobile providers less trustworthy than bankers, say punters

And another thing...

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

UpdatedThey've got form, let's be honest

Sony Ericsson delays X10 Android update

Gingerbread still cooking

Dropbox security fubar infuriates customers

Code update calamity compounded by closed mouth

Miracle Aliens-style indoor comms built for firefighters

Trail of relay routers auto-laid from belt dispensers

Alice: The Madness Returns


Met arrest alleged Lulz hacker

Essex boy picked up

LightSquared shuffles away from GPS bands

Slides into Inmarsat for the sake of sat nav

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush

'Do you want to drink pee?' asks Portland water official

Sputnik retro PC puts bureau back on the desktop

Part of the furniture

Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet

36-core Tile-Gx server chip crosses Sandy Bridge

Euro commissioner tells Facebook it has nowhere to hide

InterviewOffshore servers no defence, Reding tells El Reg

Police probe Twitter child abuse images

Micro-blogging gets nastier

Apple lets slip Time Capsule update

Buy now? Buy later

Network Solutions battered by DDoS and period features

Sporadic service since yesterday

LulzSec disavows alleged Census hack

And denies leader's arrested

Mink coat thief conceals booty down knickers

Hides mock muff from cops for a sensational three days

BT, TalkTalk refused appeal against Digital Economy Act

Judicial review judgment remains intact

Apple dealers hit with Lion bar

Resellers overlooked as next gen OS is released

iTablet Bluetooth Thumb-Keyboard

Txt TakeTouched from behind

Back to gaslight, coal and steam power - it's the future

Boffins unveil self-decoking steampunk fuel cell

Toshiba joins all-in-one PC fray

The iMac effect?

Apple will 'own games industry'

Content delivery is king

Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature

Get off my cloud

New Cassini pics of Saturnian 'Ice Queen' Helene

PicsMoon face that launched rather fewer than a thousand ships

HP lures SMBs with tweaked servers, switches

Debuts AppSystem analytics appliances

Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

Congress debates jobs and Jobs

Chip sales prognosis better than expected

Tablet, smartphone boom offsets PC bust

Programmers urged to code with their tootsies

'Feets, don't fail me now!'

Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites

AFP investigates potential industrial espionage

Google Chrome extension detects dangerous websites

'DOM Snitch' observes web apps in realtime

Fujitsu bounces back after Japanese tsunami

Fair weather forecast

WA duo rock Apple apps

Discovr how to make app store less broken

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