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20th > June > 2011 Archive

From virtualisation to private cloud

Spot the difference

Sega’s saggy security

1.2m user details hacked

Voda India scraps lawsuit over Facebook rant

New lows with customer woes

Telstra’s T-Box adds Foxtel

Keep your IPTV friends close, your enemies closer

Dell snaps up RNA Networks

A veritable cluster for PowerEdgies

Acrobatic US driver in 85mph back-seat drunk sex prang

OK sarge, he says his name's 'Mister Tickle'

Got a website? Pay attention, Cookie Law will come

Get ahead of enforcement, SMEs warned

Intel gets into Comcast product catalog

At Broadcom's expense?

Stranger danger: Worse online, or on the street?

Bags of sweets weighed against computers

Foxconn staffer jailed for iPad IP theft

Show trial, or a new era?

Rare video: Moon flashing in front of giant's face

VidMars probe, Phobos, Jupiter in one-off conjunction

Microsoft gains DoJ anti-trust approval on Skype buy

VoIP outfit 'fires' top execs

Huawei outs 'first' Android 3.2 7in tablet

Confirms Honeycomb currently not good for seven-inchers

Orange spreads Glasto goofery to t-shirts

Extreme noise phone powerwear!

Vintage Psion prototype: Yours for £85,000

Worst paperweight ever

Apple to revamp desktop Macs

New Pros and minis in August, apparently

World braces for domain name EXPLOSION

ICANN meetingICANN approves dot-everything

30,000 Shreks besmirch BeautifulPeople

UpdatedVirus lets horrid hordes into hottie hook-up site

Orange eco T-shirt boosts Glasto goers' blowers

Put on a charge

Met Police confirms ICT outage but plays down attack fears

Two weeks of IT woe for cop staff

Peugeot iOn e-car

ReviewiMiEV evolved

NetApp goes a bundle with OnCommand

Storage management upgrade for the cloud

Sprint springs into bed with LightSquared

Clearwire invited to menage a trois?

Japan takes the Top 500 lead with K super

ISC'11The mother of all Sparc systems

Saab fingers BAE over South African fighter deal

Arms globocorp not feeling at home in Sweden any more

British Library hands 200 years of history to Google

40 million pages

Sony preps refreshed PS3 and talks down PS4

Weight loss while you wait

Intel readying MIC x64 coprocessor for 2012

ISC'11Knights Corner not just around the corner

Carphone Warehouse pockets LG Optimus 3D

And the exclusive goes to...

SpaceX goes to court as US rocket wars begin

Nice little firm, this. Be a shame if there was a fire

Gartner slashes UK PC shipments for 2011

Consumer demand dire, but businesses back buying

Euro space truck prepares for fiery death

Johannes Kepler set for re-entry burn-up

Oz alkie gets hammered on hospital hand sanitiser

'It surprised us that he drank this stuff', admits doc

Sony slips Skype on PlayStation Vita

Microsoft on call?

IDC warns resellers of ticking cloud time bomb

Channel may be blown away as cloud migration speeds

Bright Computing revs up cluster manager

Fast provisioning, new Linuxes, CUDA, vSMP, and Python scripts

Jabra Chill smartphone earphones

Txt TakeJogger's delight?

Spielberg flung Fox from Transformers 3

Michael Bay is hardly anything like Hitler, OK?

Ofcom talks up telephony spectrum trading

Wanna buy some second-hand spectrum?

Brits told how much they'll pay for HP TouchPad

iPad pricing for 9.7in WebOS tablet

Samsung readies 'world's first' solar netbook

The power and the glory

Wimbledon fans lobbed virtual serving challenge

Game, set, match

World+dog yawn over NFC smartphone shopping

Apple, Google trusted more than bank cards

Wikipedia awash in 'frothy by-product' of US sexual politics

You can't make this santorum up

Quantum crypto felled by 'Perfect Eavesdropper' exploit

All your photons are belong to us

Microsoft's WebGL claims bashed by own employee

'Scare report' pooh poohed

Aus gaming and ICT get R&D tax boost

AUD$1.8m tax credit for innovators

Google revives TV buzz with SageTV buy

TV transformation 2.0

Making sense of Adobe's enterprise pitch

More REST, less wordage. Please

Intel code guru: Many-core world requires radical rethink

Data-shuffling outranks flops-optimizing

Microsoft's Hyper-V 3.0 coming to Windows 8?

New desktop to run virtually anything

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