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15th > June > 2011 Archive

Microsoft+HTML: The antidote to iOS and Android

Open...and ShutPowerful tools will rule

Lenovo chases SMBs with Xeon E3 towers

One socket to me

States consider saner 'sexting' penalties for teens

Glaring hypocrisy in post Weiner-gate era

ARM exec: Open standards will make us all rich

Fusion SummitARM and AMD sittin' in a tree, heterogeneous-ily

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet

ReviewTabtop computing at its best?

Xyratex offers Lustre clusters

HPC here we come

8m health records go walkabout

Unencrypted, password-free blackmailer's starter kit

Dell app servers getting flashy

Dell Storage ForumNetApp watch out

IE, Excel fixes star in bumper Patch Tuesday

More from the hamster wheel of patching pain

EU ministers back centralisation of population databases

Just the one agency dear

Acer slashes tablet forecast, banks on notebooks

Game of executive musical chairs ongoing too

Apple pulls app after dev publishes users' PINs

Too many folk use too-easy-to-guess passcodes

Steer clear of the desktop virtualisation bootstorm

Prepare to form an orderly queue

New York Times takes on Apple-baiting troll

LodSys patent makes infringers of us all

Profit-free Pandora floats, valued at $2.6bn

Is there a music bubble?

IRIS gets close up and SaaS-y with accountants

VideoWill the beancounters bite?

MoD plans 'name and shame' crackdown on crap projects

If they don't buck up... we'll name them again!

Microsoft integrates OAuth 2.0 in play for Facebook goodness

Single sign-on trend hooks up Windows Live dev platform

LulzSec hacks EVE Online as rampage goes on

UpdatedPwn party shows no sign of flagging

iOS 5 files restoke iPad 3 retina display rumour

2048 x 1536 graphics discovered

Wii U has 50 per cent more power than rivals

Nintendo wants the entire market, and more

Peugeot 508 Active e-HDI micro-hybrid

ReviewNo, it's not an e-car for very small people...

Will Ofcom have to stick up its hands on 4G auction?

CommentSpeed > fairness

'A SHARK attacked my ROBOT', gasps ex-Sun exec

Tin fish limps home after deep-sea gobblement attempt

Nokia nukes online store in UK

Direct sales all but Finnish

Creditsafe suspends website in wake of drive-by download attack

Precautionary disconnect

Cloud 'not ready for public sector market'

Still presents a risk for public services, warns local government IT chief

HTC U-turns over Desire Android 2.3 update

Smartphone WILL get Gingerbread after all

Europe flashes report card on data protection

The good, the bad and the ugly

Go Daddy sued over email alerts

Tubby patent troll wants seconds

Best Buy gives big boxes the boot

Small is beautiful

Groupon hug from small businesses? Not so much

Daily deal sites lack loyalty from bar owners, barbers and cooks

iLuv International Triple USB AC Charger

Txt TakeThree-port power

Hitachi keen to be cloud content king

CommentFluff as far as the eye can see

IBM slashes prices on Opteron 6100 racker

Freebie CPUs and a server discount

Next-gen Xbox to debut at next year's E3

Games already in development, apparently

Rogue software consultant's vast stash of DIY explosives

Bomb squad forced to blow up likeable bank robber's house

NHS trust issues nurse jub flash alert

You're not Babs Windsor, so put 'em away

LexisNexis open sources Hadoop challenger

Behold! Thor and Roxie

Duke Nukem flack eats words over threat to reviewers

Grovelling apology follows 'no praise, no games' Tweet

T-Platforms CPU-GPU hybrid hits 1.3 petaflops at Moscow State

Russian super maker invades Amerika

Google's HTTP Archive merges with Internet Archive

VelocityOne records pages. The other records speed

Adobe patches critical bugs in Flash and Reader

Second emergency Flash patch in 9 days

LTE vs broadcasters: let the spectrum wars begin

ACMA scratches head over 4G interference

Gummint security is utterly hopeless

Auditor strolls through West Oz networks

SGI boasts of Altix UV installs

Prefabs Hadoop clusters to chew big data

Chandra tags ancient black holes

‘Growing like gangbusters’

Microsoft juices C++ for massively parallel computing

Fusion SummitPlug in the AMP

Rupert and Wendi go shopping in China

Grab stake in P2P giant ahead of US$200m IPO

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