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14th > June > 2011 Archive

Aussie censor bans Dead or Alive

So not PG … backflips after pressure

Bitcoin slump follows senators’ threats

Correlation or causation?

Site appeals feds' unprecedented domain seizure

'Operation in our Sites' challenged

Xeround reinvents MySQL atop Amazon cloud

NoSQL. Without the No

Intel, AMD in HP notebook smackdown

Which is faster? 'You tell me' says AMD

Intel 510 250GB Sata 3 SSD

ReviewPerformance benefits

Patrick Byrne: 'See, I told you America's economy was busted'

The battle beyond naked shorts

Teen sells Perl cloud startup to ActiveState

Mojolicious Phenona

Big data can be deduplicated

OpinionIsilon view disputed

Nokia and Apple bury patent beef

You drop your lawyers and I'll drop mine

Microsoft squeaks on Google Nortel sale

Sold company should honour old agreements

Metro Bank in schoolboy email error snafu

bcc fail for stripling bank

Samsung pips rivals with 1TB internal 2.5-inch drive

Top of the leapfrog league

Businesses believe tribunal system favours employees

81% of companies said claimants had 'tried it on'

LulzSec hacks US Senate

Bethesda also bashed in latest attack

Dam Busters dog dubbed 'Digger'

Guy Gibson's mutt rebranded for the US movie market

BT ramps up fibre-optic roll-out plan

5m homes with potential access by June

Dolphin Browser HD

Android App of the WeekThe Dan Marino of mobile web browsers

ARM server hero Calxeda lines up software super friends

Preparing to battle The Atom

Cable & Wireless in talks to acquire 2e2

Private equity backers holding out for £450m

Anonymous vows to attack Federal Reserve

Blames bankers for impoverishing millions

Guy spills on girl in weird Huawei tablet teaser

Gadget users exchange fluids

Creationists are infiltrating US geology circles

Grand Canyon? Caused by Noah's Flood, that

Carphone Warehouse considers retailing future

Big yellow boxes slipping into the red

Quantum recruits sales heavy hitter

Marketing splits from sales

BT earmarks 66 more exchanges for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrade

Bucket and spade required

Capgemini goes French

Another acquisition

NFC pioneer packs in proximity payments

Bling Nation failed in bring in the bling

VMware unfurls fresh Spring Java 'vFabric'

Priced by the VM

Duke Nukem Forever

ReviewWhat were we waiting for, Christmas?

EA: early Battlefield 3 buyers will gain no advantage

Bye-bye boycott?

Facebook hurls insults, punctuation at growth slump report

'People... wrong. Every. Single. Time!'... bitch

Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises

AnalysisThink it's bad now? Just wait, says Grid

Facebook value hits $100bn, to go public in Q1 2012

Waiting for the burp... bitch

Cambridge startup launches world's first white space radio

16Mb/s, 10km range, battery-powered and licence-free... just not legal

Yorks PC maker goes titsup owing £1m+

Little chance of payout as PC maker faceplants

Video vigilantes in trouble again

CCTV leaks leads to ICO slap

Careless tweets cost lives, warns MoD

Vid campaign against the perils of social networking

Quantum pounces on Pancetera

Go go for VM backup to DXi

Commons hit by rash of laptop thefts

One politico also has charm stolen

Belkin FlipBlade mobile tablet stand

Txt TakeRest your reader

VMware eats Digital Fuel

Will p*ss fire and put the heat on IT budgets

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU

Ministers want Europe-wide legal net for cybercrookery

A sysadmin's top ten tales of woe

Mission CriticalThe IT troubles I have seen

No Gingerbread snack for Desire owners, says HTC

We didn't put enough Ram in, admits manufacturer

Duke Nukem sniffs out a number one

Chart topper scores better on PlayStation

AMD promises 10 teraflop notebooks by 2020

Fusion SummitDemos next year's Trinity and talks elephants

World's biggest ad agency keelhauls 2000 'pirate' sites

No, not Google

Malware abusing Windows Autorun plummets

You'll never guess why

Citigroup hack exploited easy-to-detect web flaw

Brute force attack exposes 200,000 accounts

Google Instant Pages: Search sites rendered before you click

Webmasters, beware fake traffic

IBM: Palmisano mulls Big Blue line of succession

We have a plan. Almost

NBN downstream wholesale arrives, courtesy of Nextgen

Entry-level for smaller ISPs

'Harmony' for open source contributors on horizon

Just don't mention the Canonical bit

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