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13th > June > 2011 Archive

Microsoft Visual Studio to end dev and ops 'ping pong'

The code clone war

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 MFT compact unveiled

Hands onThis week's 'world's smallest' system camera

Toxic Plankton feeds on Android Market for two months

Google never said it wouldn't

Hundreds arrested in Far Eastern online scam crackdown

Lads From Jakarta, Taipei etc cuffed in crossborder busts

Royston's ANPR surveillo-plan goes to ICO

'Ought to have no place in a democratic society'

Mole: iPhone 5 in testing now, on sale in September

Dual-core revamp, anyone?

Chatter foreshadows major NetApp ONTAP refresh

UpdateMuttering analysts hint at mighty new software

Three joins pack baying for Ofcom blood

Operators square up to regulator ahead of 4G auction

Nokia market share to fall below Samsung, Apple

Downward, quarter by quarter, forecasts Nomura

IMF 'suspended' World Bank links following hack attack

Spy on the wire

iCloud Communications sues Apple for 'irreparable injury' to trademark

Demands damages, injunctive relief and domain name

Acer to dump 3 million laptops onto European market

Bargains ahoy: Supply chain a-bulge with boxes

NEC outs spintronics content-addressable memory tech

Holds data when power cut, Flash style

Hacker crims plant fake news to discredit security researchers

Blackhanded compliment

Three London boroughs seek cloud service framework

Contract could be used throughout London

Microsoft amalgamates Xbox 360 organs

Chip fusion

DeepZoom rises to royal occasion

Cloud cuts projects down to size

Sky combines, revamps internet telly services

Only two gadgets per household to get Go

Facebooking juror heads for trial

Status: Hoping not to go to prison

Games co Epic resets passwords after hack attack


Micro P slaps winding up petition on Micro Direct

Manchester-based etailer not paying £70k debt to distie

Facebook growth slows in stalkerbase heartlands

But slow adopters elsewhere bump up usage

Living, biological raygun produced in lab

Glowing mammal-jellyfish chimera-blob emits laser beam

Motorola Atrix dual-core Android smartphone

ReviewDocks and slots for all occasions

Twitter goes after born-again typosquatter

Twits need protecting from themselves

So, how does your economy grow?

Stopping the swirl down the drain

HTTP-on-steroids busts out of Google

Strangeloop gets SPDY

Best Buy slams brakes on UK stores amid spending freeze

Strategy to build 80 UK stores to be shelved

Taxman recruits fricking tax-collecting robots

You have 20 seconds to....complete and return VAT form 101

Turkey arrests Anonymous suspects after DDoS protest


Four jailed for million-pound abuse images ring

Huge newsgroup uncovered

IATA: this iPad could BRING DOWN A PLANE

Other gadgets dangerous too, aircrew think

Jabra Rhythm smartphone headphones

Txt TakeIn-ear and out there

Hitachi goes XYZ over next-gen storage

CommentTwo into one does go

Blimp fireball disaster in Germany, Aussie pilot killed

Airship skipper got passengers out safely

LulzSec pwns pron site

Shenanigans ensue

EA angers fans over Battlefield 3 pre-order exclusives

Buy now, die less later

Jobs confirms iCloud's murder of iWeb

'Hey! You! Get onto my cloud'

Nissan car secretly shares driver data with websites

Location, destination, speed leaked

Oracle plops true live migration onto SPARC hypervisor

From sleepy and warm to fully alive

Mac OS X Lion to include browser-only boot

Google Chromebook redux?

HP: Apotheker rolls more heads

Services needs new noggin

Siemens fixes SCADA holes found by hacker

Vulns were kept quiet at request of manufacturer

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