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10th > June > 2011 Archive

Fairfax looks for bids on auction site

Old media might sell new media to save old media

Sex-rating social pages take off in Queensland

A plague of rats in the north

RSA appoints security chief amid blistering criticism

Welcome, Mr. Schwartz, and good luck

Intel teaches machines to build own device drivers

Game theory versus clumsy coders

Nikon Coolpix P300 compact camera

ReviewManual dexterity

Xiotech unscabbards go-faster flash-mungous ISE blade

Deadliest swordsman in all of Colorado Springs

Council fined for randomly emailing personal data

£120k slap for slipshod Surrey

Pollster: Performance has little to do with pay, bureaucracy

30% of public-sector bods have no idea what they're doing

Lulz warns NHS of sick security

No waiting list for admin passwords

Lanarkshire wristslap after vulnerable adults' data lost

ICO handbags council for losing handbag

MS lines up bumper Patch Tuesday

Apatcholypse Now

Nokia takes the Facebook wall physical with NFC

While Barclaycard reminds us it exists

Can cloud save the NHS?

Public sector looks for gentler cuts

Channel CFOs break free

Kelway and Avnet finance bosses exit stage left

NAO calls for new ambulance data systems

Targets mean multiple call-outs

Spanish police cuff three Anonymous hack suspects

UpdatedCell capture

Facebook plonks Sofa in Web2.0 lounge

Couch potato by Dutch design

Midlands council laughs at zombie-apocalypse threat

Are you prepared for invasion of the undead?

Dragon scoops Expansys into his Marlow den

Staff leap overboard as company goes south

Carphone Warehouse offers BlackBerry tablet a day early

PlayBook promo

HP refuses to resurrect global partner piss-up conference

Why fly to the US when you can get boozed briefed locally

Chromebooks hit UK shelves pre-order pages

A month's wait, at least

Is a Fusion-io bubble building up?

CommentBubbling away nicely

Apple wades in to defend developers

Swings lawyers at Lodsys

Red Faction: Armageddon

ReviewAppetite for destruction

Cabinet Office talks to Facebook & co about new ID system

ExclusiveOnline access to public services could be via social networks

Phishers LAMP web hosts

Sites pwned repeatedly, survey finds

4G auctions - illegal and immoral?

Consultation responses a mixed bag

Reg hack cast adrift as Illuminati Online goes off-line

Self-Indulgent CommentThe end of an era that really died a decade ago

Sophos says sorry over Google Analytics false alarm

UpdatedNo harm done

E3 2011: the showstoppers

Show RoundupGames! Games! And, thrice, games!

Mission critical computing for the masses

Everyone benefits from networking advances

Cloud iTunes DESTROYS music business FOREVER!

Says man. We disagree...

IPv6 on Mobile? Only if it's free

Billing and filtering prevent IPng going mobile

Codemasters pulls website after hackers pwn customer database

Game over

Two fined for mobile data theft

£73,000 in fines and costs

IBM demos graphene circuits

Future neuron for the other carbon-based life form?

Go Daddy to sell .xxx domains

Jumps on bandwagon straight to hell

LTE iPhone 5 coming this fall?

Don't hold your 4G breath

Duke Nukem Forever rocks up on shelves

It's party time

Red Hat's Oracle shot: The Unbreakable Database?

Open...and ShutJBoss part II

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