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7th > June > 2011 Archive

Twitter cock-up confession deflates Weiner

Member of Congress

Huawei gets true blue with Oz board

One Liberal, one Labor and a sailor all get a seat

No space @ MySpace

Horne departs the unsocial network

Australian spectrum plan a win for carriers

Emergency services elbowed up to 800 MHz band

App Engine: Google's deepest secrets as a service

The software scales. But will the Google rulebook?

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast

Open...and ShutKeep your head in the clouds

Embotics shoots low with V-Commander Cloud Edition

vCloud on the cheap for SMBs

Men pocket $1.5m in alleged ATM skimming spree

Feds charge men with aggravated ID theft

Aliph Jawbone Era motion sensing Bluetooth headset

ReviewDo the shake 'n' chat

New Bluetooth profiles for heart rate, body temp kit

Sticker can message you your kid's temperature

Spot-the-fake site launched

***GENUINE*** bargain

NHS Direct

Android App of the WeekNurse, the screen...

New 'liquid smart metal' can go hard or floppy

Self-healing too. Insert mimetic polyalloy reference here

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined

Hail or FailWe rate the key announcements

Rockstar publishes LA Noire e-book giveaway

A novel gesture

Microsoft reveals revamped Xbox dashboard

Remote control out; gesture, voice recognition in

Somerset council review criticises Southwest One

Report says joint venture with IBM 'could do better'

RSA makes token offer to worried customers

Terribly sorry

Phoenix IT sales up but op profit down

The highs and low of moving to the cloud

Dynamic ninjas kill off free DNS service

Go premium or GTFO, website owners

Calyx Software seals two reseller acquisitions for £6m

VC Jon Moulton splashes the cash

Sony unveils PlayStation telly

PS Vita - 2G PSP - too

FT sticks it to Apple

We don't need no steenking iTunes

Texas cinema texter becomes foul-mouthed movie star

Gobby customer feels full force of mobe rule

Virgin Media gets VAT refund from HMRC

Now owes taxman £23.6m

Belching cattle apocalypse menace sniffed in cowpats

Bullshit science - but in a good way

Transition leaves frustrated corporates locked out of Google Groups

Catch 22.0

Chinese 'Twitter' breaks out of China

Sina Weibo to take on global customers (who want to toe the Party line)

Germans completely humourless: Official

Survey confirms stone-faced national stereotype

'Great Reversal' as world's forests stage a comeback

Great news for treehuggers as burgeoning woods suck CO2

HP talks storage, convergence, integration

Blogger overload

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

ReviewPop to the shops

Attorney General threatens Twitter injunction-busters

'Not something I particularly want to do'

Skype hangs up on users yet again

UpdatedMore problems, less chat pummelled over purported piracy permissiveness

UPDATEDEtailer spanked for 'dodgy' software sales

Paramount sets Star Trek phasers to Move

I vote we blast 'em

Brit censor stamps on The Human Centipede

'Unacceptable' horror sequel DVD refused certificate

Cisco UK partner boss gets new role in the cloud

Permanent replacement more than a month away

BBC Freesat tech switch zaps HD channels from 'old' boxes

Shift to DVB-S2 sets punters a-grumbing

Apple embraces 'n' extends messaging

iWalledGarden or iSilo? That'll do nicely

Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default

Tag, you're it. Zuckerberg amps up data-farming mission creep

Tory terror changes promise moon on stick

Doctors to predict future-bombers, blacklist for UK internet

Microsoft fingered for Nokia's bleak future

Shares fall on ratings downgrade

Griffin Cabinet Mount for iPad

Txt TakeKitchen tablet

Feds turn one in four black-hat hackers into snitches

Cracktivists beware...

3D-printed bikini goes on sale

Bristol fashion

IBM tunes Xeon E7 appliances for VMware hypervisor

And HANA loves SAP

Fujitsu's Windows Azure cloud debuts this August

Whither HP and Dell?

Apple releases iTunes 10.3 with beta iCloud

Jobsian purchases shared across multiple devices

Intel enlists universities in security wars

All research to be shared and open sourced

Microsoft goes bot herder hunting in streets of Russia

Rustock operators on notice

Nintendo takes control with next-gen games console

Warm welcome for Wii U

Canadian Conservative Party website defaced

Reports of PM choking on hashbrowns greatly exaggerated

HP plugs CloudSystem into Amazon and other heavens

Where blades go to die

Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet

It's like Google. Minus the web

Microsoft iCOMP extends anti-Google push to Australia

Calls for regulator inquiry into search

Hackers jailbreak iOS 5 in under 24 hours

Like clockwork

Computers locking up kids in NSW

COPS can’t get anything right

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