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3rd > June > 2011 Archive

AMD: Companies warming to clouds

Hardware still matters

Google network and data center chief departs

To interweb place unknown

Admin: Gmail phishers stalked victims for months

Senior gov officials data mined for future attacks

Univa skyhooks grids to clouds

Cloud control freak meets Grid Engine

VMware invites Scala onto open source dev cloud

Cloud Foundry gets a Lift

Student geeks build Rubik’s cube solving bot

Aussie Ruby breaks world record Cubinator

Canberra crawls towards national cyber-security approach

We’ll have a white paper in 2012

RedBubble’s Nazi trouble

Arty Hitler humour draws fire

New Sony hack exposes more consumer passwords

The 'sownage' continues

Google hands millions to 'independent' watchdogs

Licking the hand that feeds it

Skype reverse-engineered and open sourced

How soon will Microsoft blow?

HDS drops the Ball at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Unveils UK head honcho at partner event

FCO to cut one-third from IT and telecoms spending

Foreign and Commonwealth Office's 4-year plan for ICT cash-slash

Panasonic SC-BTT775 Blu-ray 5.1 home theatre

ReviewLet me entertain you

Gordon Ramsay menaced by enormous TURKEY

'Oh my word what an absolute stinker'

Dell rumoured to be looking at Brocade

Is a buy on the books?

German cops unleash corpse-hunting vultures

Crime-busting flying Sherlocks

Kingston readies wireless portable storage

Wi-Drive takes the air

Chinese army: We really need to get into cyber warfare

Completely straight face

Survey scammers target Doctor Who fans

Fake video clip shenanigans

PCM prototype beats PCIe flash

Student boffins' box slower at large writes though

Belkin eBook Light

Txt TakeIllumination for illuminations

BOFH: Ready for the Judgment Day

Episode 7You're wrong, proton breath. I'll be done with you in time to watch Oprah!

Toshiba reveals iPad 2 rival

Thrive in business

Apple to open iCloud for 'free' before slapping $25 subs on service

Wrapped in ads, too

HTC exposes customers' privates

Maybe someone else will ship them a phone?

Facebook under fire over Israel, transgender bullying

Mod squad overlooks teen bullies' page, took peace activists' down

IAEA: Handling of Fukushima has been exemplary

No one harmed, nothing suppressed, normal life to resume

OnLive cloud-gaming on UK horizon in Q3

Follow the stream

Echostar HDS-600RS Freesat HD recorder

ReviewDVR with Sling slung in

Virgin Media frustrates customers with 'intermittent' routing blues

Ongoing problem yet to be nailed

Name that donkey: Barbarella battles Bathsheba

Judge mulls reader names for Baby 'B'

Souped-up Coraid aims to change its spots

CommentFrom pussycat to panther?

Apple ignores dozens of iCloud domains

Mr Bojangles takes $4.5m, keeps names

Entire London 2012 Olympics' cultural events database held on Excel

UpdatedWe're all doomed!

Fort Worth joins crusade against sagging pants

'Pull 'em up or find another ride', bus passengers told

Sony presents PSP2 performance prior to E3

View of the Vita

UK gov to create central procurement team

New body will contract for widely used goods and services at single price

Cellphones as carcinogenic as coffee

CommentGentlemen... start your panic

Slowing economy trims jobs growth in US

Computer systems designers doing well

Resellers and customers frustrated by botched Oracle deliveries

Channel loses rag with Larry's logistics

Beeb's iPlayer dismisses radio show as 'b011ckxs'

Friday comedy url lol(lock)s

Egyptian ad gives Vodafone credit for revolution

It was Voda wot won it

Webmail buggers attack Yahoo!, Hotmail users

Gmail phishing assaults spread to MS and Yahoo! users

Hot bodies get super-slippery when wet

Steamy balls could lead to sizzling speedy torpedoes

Union warns of strike action against HP

Plans to offshore 200 jobs meet stiff opposition

Google network chief jumps to ... Microsoft

UpdateNetwork boffins predict end of Google

Syria shuts off interwebs

Wait for the blackout

Lara Croft returns in next-gen Tomb Raider title

Blood bath on the beach

Hackers say Acer breach leaked data for 40,000 users

Welcome to the club, Acer

Microsoft's anti–Google Docs weapon locked and loaded

Launch date named, reliability claimed

Judge blasts Cisco's 'unmitigated gall' in ex-exec's arrest

Canadian jurist denies extradition of alleged 'hacker'

Microsoft's patents shakedown betrays spirit of Gates

Open...and ShutInnovative products, not intellectual property, rule

Lenovo to swallow German PC giant

Largest deal since IBM PC biz borging

Caswell crams MIPS chips into cloud crates

Micro servers aren't just for Xeons, Atoms

Android app brings cookie stealing to unwashed masses

Hello. It's time for always-on SSL

Google pits C++ against Java, Scala, and Go

C++ wins. If you're a genius

Student suspended for posting random satire on YouTube

School calls cops over off-campus videos

Notorious rootkit gets self-propagation powers

TDSS boasts new DHCP server

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