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2nd > June > 2011 Archive

Spear phishers target gov, military officials' Gmail accounts

Google: 'Hundreds affected'

NBN Co taps Ericsson, Silcar for billion dollar tenders

Construction back on track as Quigley takes break

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 8

'We copied ourselves. Not Apple'

Angry Birds creators swoop on animation studio

Pig pummeller dreams of a Disneyesque future

Dell digital guru escapes to Aussie bank

Commonwealth Bank updates with new CMO

Here comes the zettabyte, says Cisco

2015 the next big milestone, apparently

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

ReviewThe write stuff

Sinking Sun scuppers Oracle server figures

Oracle server sales tumble...again

Micron streaks away with PCIe flash

Performance rocket

Singing Duke set to Nukem dead

Shooting star gets groovy


iOS App of the WeekGoing for a song

Russian computer programmer buries himself alive

Subterranean good luck ritual a very bad idea

Tragedy nurse's boyf fined over medical records abuse

'When greed and breach of trust meet'

Tesco pricing cock-up provokes beer stampede

Pandemonium as Scots battle for cut-price booze

Qualcomm confirms Windows 8 on ARM

On tablets, for now

Francis Maude goes back 110 years for cybersecurity strategy

Net is like the roads of 1900: full of horse sh*t

Sony lets slip NGP name change

Lovely Vita

Britain mounted secret 2010 cyberwarfare attack on al-Q

UK spooks struck as Yanks argued

BPI works out how to put PG stickers on downloads

Brings digital music back into the '80s

Government spending freeze kills off spring server sales

Cloud shines in corporate world

CaseBuddy case-friendly iPhone dock

Txt TakeFrom cradle to grave error?

Gov 'skunkworks' to develop e-petitions system

First of priorities for government IT devs

How to detect heart disease with a smartphone

Finger on the iPulse

China goes on attack over Google phishing claims

School for scandal chefs

4G interference will knock out Freeview

Screens to go blank for 30,000 households?

HTC Sensation dual core Android smartphone

ReviewTwin-engined talker

Gamers celebrate full return of PlayStation network

Store restored

NATO members warned over Anonymous threat

C for cracktivism

Data encryption and the Cloud

Not what it's cracked up to be

Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast

Don't blame Elop or Microsoft for Nokia's catastrophic fall from grace

WW2 naval dazzle-camo 'could beat Taliban RPGs'

Comical claim

Chinese teen flogs kidney to buy iPad

Fondleslab funding foolishness

Rapid TMS product revamp continues

It's the turn of the mid-range

Friendster password emails spark site hack fears

Blast from the social networking past

Asus revamp adds tablet-phone dock

Fondleslab swallows smartphone

Xperia Play gets new games boost

Minecraft on the move

Super Micro says MicroClouds will rain down in July

Packs them in for micro server preview

Brit rubbish-dump worms in space station science triumph

Garbage-scoffing creatures prove zero G therapy

Apple strikes back with update blocking new scareware

'The cat and mouse game has begun'

Microsoft eyes Ubuntu and Debian love on Hyper-V

Azure to run Linux?!

US state bans Netflix, Napster password sharing

Recording Industry Ass. of America triumphant

California set to impose 'Amazon Tax'

Will the Golden State succeed where others failed?

Rustock botnet suspect fancies job at Google

Circumstantial evidence points to aspirational cv

Groupon follows LinkedIn with IPO

Here we go again

Microsoft becoming Apple with Windows 8 control freakery?

Closed is the new open

Heroku Ruby fluffer embraces Node.JS

Framework fan

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