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1st > June > 2011 Archive

Twitpic T&Cs spark teacup storm

Your pics are our pics: so what's new?

Australia launches digital blueprint

'NBN the only solution'

US Supremes add 'willful blindness' to patent law

Deep fryer leads to higher standard of proof

Server makers wrap iron around Nvidia GPUs

How many Teslas can you screw into a chassis?

IPO finally begins peer review pilot to test patent applications

Getting experts to wade in on invention claims

Logitech Z906 5.1 surround speakers kit

ReviewA blast for PCs and consoles

Space shuttle Endeavour's long journey is over

Touches down at end of final mission

Seagate, WD should put a gun to Brussels' head

OpinionHow can the EC meddle in acquisitions beyond its borders?

EMC and NetApp on a roll

Storage pure plays kicking ass

3D printer produces working house keys

Bolt from the blueprint

Tru unveils iPad local rate data-pricing for UK, US and Oz

'Local anywhere' outfit does fondleslabs

Canadian prof: Wikipedia makes kids study harder

Provided you use it as an exam, not an info source

El Reg pays by phone – mmmm, free cookies!

Slow tap dance for UK's first contactless payments

Boeing reveals partners for MoD logistics

Seven companies join defence business in military IT programme

Verity Stob and the super subjunction

StobExcuse me, Miss, but your pronouns need upgrading

Speck ToughSkin iPhone 4 case

Txt TakeTrue grip

Notorious Russian spammer 'admits child abuse'

Used basement of his St Petersburg office as 'dungeon', say cops

FCC demands AT&T prove spectrum scarcity claims

Emperor's clothes looking a little sheer

Google's Eric Schmidt 'screwed up' over social network FAIL

Facebook do evil, we don't do evil, but we know evil. Ergo, we're evil, right?

Engineering students design tent for camping on Mars

Meteor and radiation proof, less need to drink own urine

Acer tweaks tablet with MeeGo move

Mobile Linux fondleslab joins Iconia ranks

Mesh Computers goes titsup

Chill wind blows up North Circular

Acer Iconia Tab A500 10in Android tablet

ReviewWell-connected Honeycomb fondleslab

Privacy group wins $500k from Google Buzz settlement

That's a whole lotta wholesome, EPIC beans

Stealth-cam software snaps laptop looter

What a mug

Space shuttle Endeavour: 'An incredible ship'

25 missions and 122 million miles for 'amazing vehicle'

Biodegradable products are often worse for the planet

Maybe choose a plastic cup, not a cardboard one

IBM guns down Neon's mainframe accelerator in Texas


Wave of Trojans breaks over Android

Fake security updates and other Windows malware-style trickery

Barnsley clamps down on foul-mouthed fu*king locals

On-the-spot fines for verbal miscreants

Twitter bags internet advertising outfit

Micro-blogging site buys AdGrok, tightens loose screws

Nokia betas some DLNA love

Throw it up onto the big screen

What is UltraViolet™ and why should you care?

Tesco buys into Hollywood's masterplan

Google open sources $68.2m realtime comm platform

Audio and video chatter inside the browser

Earth receives picture postcard of Milky Way

Spiral galaxy bears uncanny resemblance to our own home

Remastered Broken Sword slides onto iOS

Point and tap

Second defence contractor targeted in RSA SecurID-based hack

L-3 Communications also blames token-based attack...

Police ROBOT attacks and BURNS DOWN HOUSE

Fugitive tracked by heat sensors escapes in conflag

Acer writes off $150m as audit finds 'abnormalities'

EMEA warehouses bulging with kit

Yahoo! downs! mail! servers! for! essential! and extensive! work!

Some users frozen out of inboxes due to 'scheduled maintenance'

Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix

Welcome to the mass market, Cupertino

Google rolls its Facebook mimic onto rest of web

Zuckerberg envy extended

Google Apps end love for Firefox 3.5, IE7, and Safari 3

Only newest (and next to newest) browsers

Marathon Facebook scam targets Mac, Windows users

Social network slow to kill equal opportunity attack

NYSE Euronext fluffs financial cloud

Amazon for hedge funds

Oracle drops OpenOffice on Apache, shuns forkers

LibreOffice re-unification rejected

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