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26th > May > 2011 Archive

Brightcove launches apps in the cloud

One app, many platforms

Twitter (officially) buys TweetDeck

Microblog app survives, at least for now

Forecast calls for Citrix cloud front

When it rains in IT land, it pours

HTC Wildfire S Android smartphone

ReviewFor the cost conscious caller

FileMaker Bento

iOS App of the Week21st Century card index

Tablets choke disk drive market growth

NAND gobblers snatch lunch off spinning platters

Danish embassy issues MARMITE WAFFLE

'Scrape my spread off my cold dead fingers' - expat

NetApp gloats over storming fourth quarter

Wall Streeters relish a pleasurable beating

Next-gen Atom CPU price halved to push netbooks

Intel to take fight to tablets?

Yanks officially recognise the word 'boffin'

Merriam-Webster's fave Brit word list cites El Reg usage

IBM unbuttons its DCS3700 NetApp-based box

Big Blue hard equipment can pump mighty streams

NASA 'deep space' ship: Humans beyond orbit by 2020?

AnalysisJust maybe – if Elon Musk can do what he says

Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2

Says coverage is more important: but doesn't measure it

Twitter vs Beeb in superinjunction nark shindy

Auntie fingers Twits for stating basic legal facts

Reindeer can see in ultraviolet, say boffins

Very useful for not eating the yellow snow, apparently

New Mac scareware variant installs without password

Welcome to the world, fanbois

Microsoft shareholder calls for Ballmer's head

Biz-lord's 'misstatement' on Windows 8 not helpful

Online tools to 'end the scandal of empty homes'

Squatters-dream map only available to councils

Roboprobe spacecraft off to grope asteroid

Possibly apocalyptic 'Yarkovsky effect' to be sussed

Ballmer: Time up for 'stuck in the past' Microsoft CEO?

AnalysisSkype was not the answer

Zuckerberg 'snuggles up to Spotify'

CommentBubblicious? Or a SpottiFace iMode goldmine?

Virtual desktops mean virtual applications

Desktop VirtualisationYou can’t have one without the other

How to... change sleep-screen pics on your Kindle

E-book reader enhancement

Humanity frees cattle, buffalo from cloven-hoofed plague

Rinderpest, the first animal disease to be eradicated

Bletchley Park completes epic Tunny machine

Glorious pipe-smoking boffinry recreated from old telco kit

Almost entire EU now violating Brussels cookie privacy law

Steelie Neelie threatens 'necessary measures'

Ten... DAB kitchen radios

Product Round-upFor what we are about to receive...

Google Wallet phone-pay is coming - but how will it work?

AnalysisChocolate Factory cloudbank, or e-wallet

Tablet marketgasm? Don't make us laugh, say Intel chiefs

'I don't believe in this fondleslab bear,' insists Smith

Fourth Euro star truck christened Albert Einstein

Space station robot delivery van honours physics legend

Napster wonderboy: Music labels are a goldmine

Do not adjust your set - Sean Parker hearts record biz

$8.5bn Skype goes titsup again - including website

Truly, Microsoft has the golden touch

Intel to extend data centre tyranny into mobile, says CFO

War on ARM won't be over by Xmas, admits Chipzilla mogul

Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

True medical fact: Trials with boxers underway

Don't let your networks speak to strangers

DesktopDevices are invading the workplace

Modern Warfare 3 prompts hand-wringing, chiming cash tills

Firing on all fronts

RIM PlayBook strikes back at Jobsian internet dream

ReviewProfessional grade? No. Flash? Ah-ah!

Google Wallet teams with Citi, MasterCard

Android credit card arrives 'this summer'

Upstart MapR unveils 'next generation' Hadoop

Stuffed elephant gets major surgery

Disk vendors should get properly on the SSD pot

Flash is the future

Google Web Store quietly purged of nosy apps

Super Mario could see 'every page that you visit'

Linguists use sounds to bypass Skype crypto

And you thought grammar was useless…

Billionaire Zuckerberg kills to eat

I just knifed a goat...bitch

BlueStacks lets Android apps frolic on PCs

iPhone apps? Er, no

Kiwi carrier heads to court over split

Competition watchdog not happy

Insider data theft costs Bank of America $10m

Bank details for 300 purloined

Take that, content. APIs get own delivery network

Apigee on the edge

Server biz bouncing back to boom times

Oracle, Cisco, others party like it's 2008

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