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25th > May > 2011 Archive

Server sales grow thanks to big boy boxes

Mainframes and Unix machines catch the upgrade wave

Google preps mobile payments launch

Coming Thursday, it seems

Intel floats hybrid cloud scheme for SMB apps

Cloudwashes local server workloads

CEO of Aussie Microsoft JV exits ahead of A$5bn float

Bean-counter wanted?

Groundhog day: more Sony breaches

Barnstorming hackers continue diabolical mystery tour

Bradley Manning accuser to meet with prosecutors

Lamo goes to Washington

Samsung must cough up Android prototypes to Apple

The battle of rounded corners

Virgin Media TV Powered by TiVo

ReviewSky+ killer in the making?

Telecom NZ splits in two

Groundhog day as roll out starts on Kiwi broadband network

Oz paper in todger-based trivia quiz outrage

'What is the official currency of Vietnam?'

NASA kills comms with deceased Mars rover

Bids farewell to Spirit

Fusion-io backers to get rich(er)

One BEEELLION dollars... On day one!

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite

'What am I supposed to put on my toast now?'

BT's fibre-to-the-premises trials hit duct roadblock

Rollout pushed back as 7-hour job turns into 2-day hassle for some customers

Military set to lead on US domestic cyber-security

NSA, Cyber Command have 'unparalleled expertise'

Vodafone touts low-tech phone for app-phobes

Talk'n'text - and not much else

Apple admits scareware problem, at last

Says up to 125,000 customers contacted it with 'malware-like' problems

Cabinet Office shakes up PSN

New governance arrangements for Public Sector Network

Is the IT Dept failing users?

DesktopCan it catch up with personal devices? 'falls short' of legal obligation to enforce EC cookies Directive

Issues only 'partial notification' to Brussels

Telcos team to test '4G' in Cornwall

Large Throughput Expected?

Gadgets give granny disease to kids

Arthritis strikes gaming youngsters

Zuckerberg: Give me your children

Give me the child before 7 and I will give the leads to advertisers

French spooks have access to UK forces' travel data

Also Germans. And Yanks of course

Asus teases with MacBook Air-esque Eee PC

Super skinny netbook inbound?

BT and EE join together for Cornish LTE

Mobile and fixed internet collide in the fourth generation

Netflix overtakes Bittorrent as traffic champ

Copyright-holders should wake up and smell the coffee

EU belatedly cancels funding for Symbian OS

All our your money is for talking robopets

ASA smackdown for Yahoo! Thelma & Louise

Speedy driver-babe Yahooligans rouse (some) public ire


ReviewDark matters

Timing attack threatens private keys on SSL servers

Elliptic-curve curveball crypto mobe method menace

Nokia caters for kings with golden smartphone

Midas touch

Endeavour spacewalkers come face-to-face with VADER

US Air Force claims improbable backronym crown

UK finally ratifies Cybercrime Convention during Obama visit

No Russia + No China = No point

Server virtualisation is not enough

What needs to change to build a private cloud?

Cookies law: Only two EU states implement full measures – so far

Brussels frets as just Denmark, Estonia comply

White Space competitors fight dirty

Microsoft kicked our TV off the air

Unpatched IE bug exposes sensitive Facebook creds

'Cookiejacking' also threatens Gmail, Twitter

MokaFive's VDI bares it all

VMware munch time

MongoDB daddy: My baby beats Google BigTable

The web is built on objects. Not tables

McKinnon's mum applauds Obama extradition stance

Prez voices 'confidence' in UK legal system

Down Under gamers get closer to 18+ rating

More sex, drugs and violence please

Citrix preps own version of OpenStack

Mounting Project Olympus

iOS 4 hardware encryption cracked

‘We don’t want this to fall into the wrong hands’

35m Google Profiles dumped into private database

Easy as pie

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