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23rd > May > 2011 Archive

SingTel blasts off second satellite

Optus set to launch tenth

Apple seeks anti-snoop display patent

User selectable buttinsky barrier

Big Blue ponies up $100m for Big Data R&D

Sends Watson to biz school

Why Cisco should merge with Dell

CommentDisco – A real data center powerhouse

Out of this World science fiction exhibition

ReviewSci-Fi at the Brit Li

Journos 'risk charges' for covering Parliamentary debates

Senior judge warns on gag-blabbing

Deduper Sepaton edges out from data centre

ROBO DS3: Chunky unit

Apple iPhone 5 to sport CRT-style screen

Curvature a pain in the glass?

Sony evolves card-less Augmented Reality tech

Right on track?

Sony BMG Greece hacked

UpdatedHackers 7, Sony 0. Game over

Apple nears online streaming deal with Big Four, says report

Still waiting for Universal to sign on dotted line...

Extragalactic black hole particle fountain awesomeness

PicBoffins use scope as big as Earth to craft stunning snap

Rapture postponed as world inexplicably fails to end

Judgment Day prophet 'somewhat bewildered'

Heads roll at HP as Apotheker swings new broom

CEO's arrival sparks exec exodus

Super-injunctions 'unfair' cos of Twitter gossip, says Cameron

PM, 'like everyone else', knows identity of footballer

Intel drives up flash drive warranty

SSD 320 gets longer life assurance – increased to five years

Huawei snaps up former Mandarin for UK advisory board

Wants to know what's what in Blighty

Radio 4 bumped off Freeview by Gaelic TV

Scots lose Voice of Middle England, gain Urban beats

Office 15 steals OVERLARGE font, design vision from Windows PHO


BBC shifts some HD transmissions to 1080p...

Updated...troubling some Sony TVs in the process

Huge fat pipe squirts mighty streams

Magnificent 35-kilowrist performance

Archos 70 Android 7in tablet

ReviewAffordable fondleslab worth touching?

Coders run Android 3.0 on Honeycomb-less tablets

Unofficial upgrades available

Firefox 5 beta slapped on Mozilla conveyer belt

I am not a number, I am a free browser

Hargreaves' Digital Copyright Exchange will never happen

Here's why...

Adam Curtis: The Rise of the Machines

InterviewCybernetics, ecosystems and pop

Cybercrooks turn Eve Online into botnet battlefield

Fun-spoiling, DDoSing thieves farm virtual gold to sell for cold hard cash

Contract can be formed by company's actions, High Court rules

Bad news for oil company fighting over typo in written freighting contract

Star probe Kepler finds many multi-world alien suns

Boffins chuffed at extra chance to do v hard sums

Lock up your lungs, here comes Grimsvotn

Asthmatics on Defcon 4 as Icelandic volcano spews forth

Architect of Great Firewall of China 'takes shoe to face'

Anti-anti-democracy protestor just does it (allegedly)

MP names Ryan Giggs as super-injunction football star

From Twitter to House of Commons in 140 characters or less

Falun Gong lawsuit skewers Cisco's 'little red' sales book

Cisco denies teaching Beijing 'to track subversives'

HP exec: WebOS tablet will trounce iPad

TouchPad aims for 'Number One Plus'

Software AG chomps Terracotta

Private platform cloud fluff

Google slips open source JPEG killer into Gmail, Picasa

Gets WebP happy

Credit processors targeted in fight against spam

Follow the money

Researchers find irreparable flaw in popular CAPTCHAs

Decaptcha pierces, Yahoo!, Digg

Apple defends iOS devs from patent holder

Pulls out 'pixie dust' for in-app payments

Linux Foundation chief dubs MeeGo 'unstoppable force'

Nokialess mobile Linux rages on

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