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19th > May > 2011 Archive

NBN Co lights up on mainland

Fibre for farmers and marginal electorates

Iran accused of hacking nuke inspectors' phones, PCs

'Unusual events' suggest tampering

Sleazy Aussie 'hot babes' network goes MIA

Shock: Facebook acts on privacy

‘We’ll get to the bottom of this’ – HP boss

The leaks or the market?

Microsoft calls Intel's Windows 8 comments 'inaccurate'

But won't say how

Sony Vaio VPCF21Z1E 16in laptop

ReviewPlastic paving slab offers 3D fun

HDS fixin' to bring out common storage platform

One VSP ring to rule them all

PARIS team to tackle the ultimate post-pint snack

The Middlesbrough 'parmo'? We can handle that...

Wolfram Alpha

iOS App of the Week(Re)search engine

Amazon US offers gift cards, free shipment for your e-junk

Got crap?

Google's Egypt hero: Tech biz, keep out of Arab politics

'Companies who take sides will learn the hard way'

Which kind of cloud database is right for you?

Deep DiveThis way for relationship counselling

Powerline network radio interference debated in Commons

AnalysisOnly bearded fanatics could possibly object

PS3s overheat after firmware update

Rockstar plays it cool

Mumsnet founder: Our members are 'very keen' on PORN ...

... But regulators, ISPs should help police content

Why are Microsoft and Intel slapping and pulling hair?

AnalysisPlayroom politics as MS lets ARM play with its dolly

Apple App Store apps are often old, vulnerable versions

Walled garden not so safe after all

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer set to sniff out strangelets

Mighty, antimatter-hunting machine attached to ISS

Your PC, our problem

What can users buy?

Identity and Passport Service loses its website

Tentacle reabsorbed by Home Office

How to choose the right screen size

Is your telly too small - or too big - for HD?

Three prices up HTC Flyer fondleslab for Brits

Bundles 15GB of 3G data

Cabinet Office outlines gov-portal 'ID assurance' plans

One set of keys to unlock all your .gov access

Desktop virt: Licence to bamboozle?

Desktop VirtualisationTechnology sorted? Now for the hard part

Logitech outs tablet add-ons

Accessories your Android

Microsoft blames old update for Xbox 360 issue

Future firmware is fine

O2 money-phone set to go live this year

Now losing your mobe will be an even bigger nightmare

Stuxnet-style SCADA attack kept quiet after US gov tests

'Industrial grade malware without nation state backing'

Coder claims logs show WebOS netbook in pipe

Never say never, eh, HP?

Microsoft fails to turn punters on to WinPho 7

Only 1.6m smartphones based on MS' new OS sold in Q1

Interstellar space 'full of Jupiter-size orphan planets'

Lone gas giants wander the empty reaches of the galaxy

Is Quantum shopping itself around?

CommentSaucy firm undoes top button, eyes NetApp provocatively?

Eight New Yorkers sue Baidu for $16m

Chinese gov search glovepuppet 'permeates US borders'

Amazon heralds unstoppable rise of the e-book

Outselling print in the States, hardbacks in Blighty

Schmidt explains the Google way to self-erasure

Don't be evil build a creepy facial-recognition database

Tablet PCs bashed but not beaten by media tablets

iPad 2, tablet PC nil

Snort team aim to scent malformed email attachments

InterviewRazorback, the truffle-hog with a forensic back end

RHEL 6.1 lays foundation for future servers

Beta no more

Simply viewing Apple kit provokes religious euphoria

Fanboi brain scan backs Church of Jobs

Mickos: Amazon and Eucalyptus still rule the cloud

Ex-MySQL man takes fight to OpenStack

Eureka! Google breakthrough makes SSL less painful

Client-side change cuts latency by 30%

US admiral reveals safety plan for Zombie Apocalypse

Pack your bags. Don't forget towel

Schmidt: 'Elites' not 'common men' fret over net privacy

Why Google needs a nanny

Kaspersky wants Interpol for the web

Eugene taking the axe to online crime

FTC, Canada bust internet scammers

Bitter medicine for pill racket

OSI set to expand open source mission

Defender of the faith on new crusade

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