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18th > May > 2011 Archive

Gates defends Ballmer's Skype gamble

'A great deal for Microsoft'

Aussies stumped reading the phone bill

Calls? You charge me for calls?

Linux kernel runs inside web browser

JavaScript mimics 486 PC

Journo was arrested, says Qld cop

'Our bad', says stupid police media tweet

Kiwis dump telco 'regulatory holiday'

Joyce dances on the public-private highwire

Intel: Windows on ARM won't run 'legacy apps'

Waves flag for 'traditional' Windows 8

iControlPad Bluetooth controller for mobile devices

iGamerFinger clickin' good

Third mighty WD 'data tub' launched

3TB AV barrel-o-bytes rumbles down the slipway

Endeavour sneaks up on space station for elevenses

Live TV coverage of space mating this AM Brit time

NHS IT dino-project NPfIT should be killed off - NAO

Damning report blasts all concerned

HDS training up partners for enterprise sales

Four specialisation areas

Survey shows slab-fondlers are loving their iPads

'Post-PC era' globo-slabbening awaits lower prices

Sandy Bridge MacBook Air rumour restoked

Now with added Thunderbolt

Nominet fails to pin down its net cop role

.uk Policy Forum'Light regulation is good', says ministerial video head

HTC's UK repair centre suffering long delays, confusion

Smartphones just not a prestige product any more

Japanese still locked out of PlayStation Network

Regulators haven't yet OK'd beefed up security

E Ink, Epson to build 'retina' display for e-book readers

300 pixels in every inch

LinkedIn thinks it's worth $4bn on eve of IPO

Facebook-for-suits goldmine, or just Bubble numbers?

Pint-sized 3D printer produced

Fab one

Endeavour docks with space station for the last time

Final trip to orbiting outpost on swansong mission

Serial hacker TinKode rifles through NASA satellite files

Greyhat adds scalp to those of Royal Navy, MySQL, ESA

Lloyds TSB signs up to Olympic Phone pay-by-wave plan

Mobe of the Gods just needs operator now

Heavy coffee drinking wards off deadly cancer in men

Drop that tea and grab some java, man, for pity's sake

Hargreaves 'Google Review' backs digi-rights swap shop

No fair use for UK: Trademarks, patents largely ignored

Dixons to flog off old 'brands' Miranda and Saisho

Found them down the back of the sofa

Samsung Galaxy S II dual core Android smartphone

ReviewSpeed dialler

Attachmate's Brauckmann takes control of SUSE Linux

Nuremberg eyes 'growing Linux market' hungrily

UK student hacker sentenced over gaming Trojan

'Rare' conviction gave cyber cops useful experience

Welshman attempts to board train with pony

Equines 'not permitted to travel', confirms Arriva

Apple proposes even tinier SIMs for future iPhones, iPads

Plans for them to eventually disappear entirely

Boobs on display in Duke Nukem web game

NSFWSure to have its knockers

Life is simpler with fewer business suppliers

Say goodbye to promiscuity

Cisco refuses to deny it will sell off Linksys

Move may come as soon as next week, sources say

Schmidt: Android will bring DEMOCRACY to the WORLD

'These heroes are dead, because they lived 500 years ago'

Downing Street e-petition site to get new Directgov home

To be ready in time for the silly season ...

India gets any-phone mobile Facebook for a penny a day

GSM text-menu tech takes the fight downstairs to Orkut

Labour: France's pirate-bashing Hadopi laws work

Up with this sort of thing

SAP to sit enterprise offering on Amazon clouds

Vorsprung durch wolkenstechnik

Civil-service union hit by invisible DDoS is back up

UpdateJust in time for strike ballot

David Davis: Jobless should dig trenches for fat UK pipes

Times paywall effectively suppresses story

Microsoft replaces Xbox 360s after disc-format switch

Changing of the guard

Supreme Court: DNA database retention regs are unlawful

Judges lob ball into Parliament's court

San Francisco BOFH must cough up $1.5m

Legendary rogue admin cops hefty damages

Google rejigs new dev cloud prices after coder outcry

Concurrent Python on way to App Engine

Otellini: ARM servers 'ain't gonna work'

Intel boss says ARM chips still in short britches

New PlayStation Network hack hijacks user accounts

Sony removes sign-in pages to contain damage

Appro plunks Opteron super into US fission lab

Tesla GPUs for GreenBlade, Tetra servers

Intel rewrites 'inadequate' roadmap, 'reinvents' PC

Meet Airmont, a 14nm Atom SoC

Google rolls out fix for Android security threat

Forecloses 'impersonation attacks' against users

Apple leases space in new Silicon Valley data center

Cult sets up shop in someone else's server room

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