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13th > May > 2011 Archive

Nvidia dollars lifted by Intel's Sandy Bridge ramp, payola

Tesla GPUs disappoint

Easier cookie deleting comes to Adobe Flash

Privacy menace finally becomes manageable

Google Chromebook: Will the revolution be subscribed?

AnalysisAn idea years ahead of its prime


ReviewDNA match

Renault readies sub-£7000 e-car for Blighty

Battery, doors even, are extra

Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark

'Merely a definition of a thing'

Reg ed rattles the Red-Headed League

FoTWHe's one o'them self-hatin' gingers

Tape sucks, sniffs EMC

EMC WorldSteady on now

Jupiter's Io a hotbed of lava

Moon's OCEAN of MAGMA drives spectacular volcanism

Check Point boss looks beyond 'weapons' for security defence

InterviewRight said Shwed

Brazilians slap health warnings on knickers

Undies to warn of cancer peril

Android Market goes commercial in 131 countries

No more excuses for free Angry Birds

Microsoft ID expert confirms departure from Redmond

Kim Cameron worries about industry trends on privacy, security

Glass aeroplanes and iPads on the way, say boffins

New metalglass wondro-stuff 'tougher than titanium'

Agency worker rights should be set in comparison with staff, says gov

Should get roughly same dosh and conditions as comparable permies

Microsoft pledges Kinect games explosion

Moving forward

Europe promises immigration action as North Africa moves

Keeping Schengen safe from 'Southern Mediterranean'

Impatient punters trade PS3s for Xbox 360s

I want network now!

BOFH: Every silver lining has a cloud

Episode 5Tout, tout, through and about, your callow life in dismay...

Haumea: Mysterious radioactive rugby-ball world

Boffins probe secrets of bizarro Kuiper belt denizen

Software pirates should offer up more booty, says BSA

Damages for unlawful software use not high enough, says industry body

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 micro four thirds camera

ReviewEVIL compact gets the 3D treatment

Would putting all the climate scientists in a room solve global warming...

Skeptics meet Warmists at Cambridge

Win7 machines harder hit by infection as VXers change tactics

Java-based exploits and phishing on social networks dominate

LimeWire settles with record labels, to pay $105m for copyright hurt

Bitter aftertaste for P2P outfit

Samsung shows screen that folds seamlessly

Ironed out the creases

Peugeot compo cam aids amateur espionage

I now know what you did last summer

Italian bus driver goes completely hands-free

Mad mook manipulates multiple mobes while steering with elbows

YouView confirms Technicolor exit

Fade to black

Facebook 'smear' shock: Journos aghast!

Why didn't they call us first?

Newly spunky Tandberg grapples RDX

Removable disk rescue road

Ubisoft whispers the wonder of Wii 2

Easy to develop for, apparently

164XXX jubs shake Middle England

NSFWChelsea Charms' charms fail to charm This Morning viewers

One thumb up for Facebook security improvements

Outstandingly mediocre

Google 'close to $500m settlement' over illegal drug ads

Payment would be among largest penalties in US history

Is Skype Microsoft's PowerPoint part deux?

MicroBiteVerb envy doesn't come cheap

Kodak wins round in Apple patent brawl

One down, $1 billion to go

Hackers turn Cisco phones into remote bugging devices

Confidential communications tapped by default

Cloud Sherpas lead climb into Google heavens

Apps for Google Apps

Google and Microsoft in trading places shocker

Open...and ShutOne goes closed. The other goes open

Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound

Huge smut cache stashed in bedroom

Facebook absolved for exposing user info to advertisers

No harm, no foul, etc.

Security watchers unpick PlayStation hack

How it might have been hacked

Microsoft BPOS cloud outage burns Exchange converts

'All in' now looking for a 'way out'

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