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11th > May > 2011 Archive

Opera CTO still sour on Google native code plugin

Google I/OThe future is WebGL. And WebM (he hopes)

Sod-all for tech in Australian federal budget

Mostly millions rather than billions

Apple and Google wriggle on US Senate hot seat

Hearing on privacy, patents, iPhones, drunks

Anobit flash can take a pounding for 5 years

EMC WorldGreat endurance for startup's new SSD

Pre-NBN, Telstra upgrades to ADSL2+ in Tasmania

Copper upgrade coincidentally arrives in next-stage fibre towns

New graphics engine imperils users of Firefox and Chrome

Disable WebGL now, researchers warn

Google misses Russian trick with Opera snubs

Google I/OMistakes Opera for 'second tier' browser

Panasonic SC-HTB520 soundbar

ReviewSound option for puny panels

Trevor Pott's guide to pricing up the cloud

Does scale equal less cost? – it's nearly a beta

Next on the list... identity assurance

NASA restores Pluto to league of planets

Joins Ronald McDonald to defend extraterrestrial US soil

Google infringes copyright by displaying and linking to news site content

Copyright FAIL: Belgian appeals court says 'Non'

David Cameron wants to push all of Blighty online

University places might be a bit sticky, but hell, look at the interwebs!

Canadian kid uses supercomputing to cure cystic fibrosis

16-year-old cops prize for developing drug cocktail

IP firm claims ownership of DVD video-menus

All your clickable vids belong to us

Steven Moffat fumes over Doctor Who plot leak

Decries net spoiler 'vandalism'

UK security minister steps down

So long and thanks for all the extra cybersecurity budget

Linutop feeds mini-PC fans tiny Tux box

Atom snack

EMC winds up new file-mover

EMC WorldCloud Tiering Appliance: Rainfinity reinvented

Google stashes $500m for fines

Certain that any verdict won't hit profits

Snap shows next-gen iPod Nano to sport camera

Small player, few megepixels

Samsung to plug Five On Demand into IPTVs

Catch-up channel coming

Use of Weapons declared best sci-fi film never made

Iain M Banks tops Reg reader poll

Mentally ill file-sharer had 'low self-esteem'

CommentStill guilty, though

Swiss jetwing backpack-birdman flies the Grand Canyon

VidStrap-on thrust equipment conquers mighty cleft

What Carthage tells us about Amazon, Fukushima and the cloud

CommentRubbing salt in the wounds

Plague of US preachers falsely claim to be Navy SEALs

'They don't understand the internet' says fake-frogman outer

Microsoft to turn your flat into a control pad

Interact with your wiring

What happened when Huawei called in the makeover consultants

KPMG, IBM, Boston Consulting, Henry Higgins

ASA upholds a brace of ads gripes against Groupon

German wing of biz blamed for cockup

Modest Patch Tuesday batch tackles Windows and Office issues

Includes critical WINS component update

Operation Flashpoint 2: Red River

ReviewStrategic manœuvres

ICO offers new code of practice

How to share data without breaking the law

Munro report: Child protection staff hindered by IT

Social workers say present ICT systems 'obstacles to good practice'

Boy George promises to cut employment rights

No more Tupe, limits for discrimination cases

Comet cuts jobs as sales fall

More High Street gloom

Portal 2 maker punts Portal 2 making pack

Take puzzles to a new level

Northants cops blow up suspicious school play prop

Kiddie thesps warned to dispose of scenery 'responsibly'

Coalition signs up to passenger info slurp

Ignores ICO and European data watchdogs

Newly emerged banking Trojan challenges ZeuS-SpyEye duopoly

Sunspot blindsides anti-virus protection

Shuttle mission: SPAWNING of the SPACE KRAKEN

Glowing shapeshifter astrobominations to fly on Endeavour

German finance ministry tags fraudsters’ phishing form


Galleon hedge fund founder convicted on all 14 counts

Jury throws the book at man that sunk IBM heir apparent

Fags flash butts in nightclubs

The social networking smoke

VMAX is becoming an app engine

EMC WorldHypervisored array controller running apps

Lenovo shows ThinkPad X1 ahead of time

MacBook Air alternative launches next week

MicroSkype: Andreessen settles accounts with Ballmer

Revenge of the Netscape Kid

What’s with WAN optimisation?

Dealing with latent tendencies

Google opens Chrome Web Store to world+dog

Google I/OUndercuts Apple with 5% in-app payment fee

Google floats monthly subscriptions to Chrome OS notebooks

Google I/O$28 a month for eternal hardware and software updates

Huawei draws blood in ZTE patent tussle

Next-generation networking brief successfully aired

Sergey Brin mum on $500m DoJ settlement stash

Google I/OThat's Larry's bag

Microsoft stops ID-ing phones in jab at Google

Redmond jettisons unique device identifiers

Sergey Brin: Only 20% of Googlers still on Windows

Google I/OThe march to Chrome OS

Intel juices cash dividend (again)

Take that, Apple shareholders. Or don't

Oracle: Quit messin' and marry Hadoop!

Open...and ShutWhy Larry should pop the question

Aussie iPad mag developer wins new investors

Digital publishing platform attracts investor eye

AT&T spars with rivals over T-Mobile merger

No love lost at US Senate hearing

Yes, the new Android movie rentals use Adobe Flash

Google I/OGoogle believes in HTML5. Except when it doesn't

Cisco dollars pinched by cheap switches, vanishing cameras

Layoffs, product cuts

Don’t leak WikiLeaks: The NDA from hell

Stopping staffers from debasing the currency

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