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10th > May > 2011 Archive

Cray to upgrade UK's Hector super, buff bottom line

Government budgets an Achilles' heel in Q1

Australia cuts solar subsidies, and not before time

It's becoming competitive, and doesn't need support

Nvidia snags fast-rising mobile chip maker

Icera's software-happy modems too tasty to resist

Do-Not-Track bill introduced in US Senate

Data collection opt out mulled

Microsoft resuscitates 'I'm a PC' ads to fight Apple

PCs have come a long way since the PC

Mellanox cranks 1U switches to 40GE

Flips the SwitchX

How to make Azure more appealing to Java and Open Source developers

CommentPutting on the glitz

Tilera preps 100-core chips for network gear

Massively multicore server chips loom

Google Docs

Android App of the WeekDocuments on the go

Microsoft poised to make biggest ever buy – Skype

P2P blabbernet seduces another sugar daddy

EMC redefines its flash future

EMC WorldFlash fast forward

Steady as she goes at Capita

Signs of life in outsourcing

Garmin intros roadcam-fed satnavs

See what the hold-up is

DWP's poor IT systems threaten back-to-work scheme

Multiple closed systems could hobble welfare-to-work programme – supplier

Space shuttle Endeavour finally off next Monday

Last mission begins on 16 May

Isilon bigs up up data capacity

EMC World3TB disk drives

Archos Windows tablet gets CPU upgrade

SSD too

IPCC report: Renewables can never meet energy demand

Unless most people die or remain miserably poor

WTF is... IPv6?

Address to impress

Would Microsoft's Skype buy strengthen Lync or push it off a cliff?

AnalysisTalk is cheap, and $8bn is a lot

Spotify's music manager makeover - does it work?

Join their download club, use your iPod, scratch your head...

Israeli hover-jeep returns to flight testing

Would you trust a robot to fly out your injured buddy?

Google will throw open lid on music locker service today

No licence? No problem. Just look at YouTube

Cable thieves cost UK rail £15m a year

Six attacks a day

Toshiba delays Android 3.0 tablet

Awaiting quad-core chippage?

Honey, I shrunk the micro server

CloudVirtualisation comes down from the cloud

EMC's second-generation Atmos goes five times faster

EMC WorldAmazon S3 interoperability coming

YouTube comes clean: Content rental is king

VOD and IPTV players quiver

Super-injunction Twitter user in contempt of court if tweets were true

Up for libel if they weren't ... that's if they can ever find the twit

Official: Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn

Second marriage for VoIP provider

Finnish police close case on phishing Trojan gang

UpdatedBaltic sprats

Scrabble friends Facebook, innit

Spawn of Zuckerberg makes official word list

Important breakthrough in mole-cruiser technology

Thick metal tentacle-craft clad in latex sock

ACS:Law fined for data breach

Couldn't happen to a nic...

Cisco taps ex-Sun chip guru for servers

Yanks Yen from rival Juniper

DIY kit computer goes Forth against Braben's RaspberryPi

Are the 80s format wars back?

EMC cloud weds big data in temporary temple in Vegas

EMC WorldWho invited the contortionists?

White van men swipe British black bees

Dundee Uni hit by hive heist: Buzzkillers 'knew how to handle bees'

Supposed Anonymous hack 'unmasks members'


Clouds puff up Rackspace in Q1

Last pure-play clouder standing

TMS flash array blows Big Blue away

Creams SPC-1 result

Tomorrow's tech demoed with free pizza and beer

Augmented reality, cloudy toothbrushes, new friends to sleep with...

Ubuntu eats OpenStack for clouds

Eucalyptus leaves

Google unveils Android 'Honeycomb' update for fondleslabs

Google I/O'Open accessory' API

Google hoists Python-C++ crossbreed onto dev cloud

Google I/OApp Engine goes with Go

Google officially unveils 'cloud' music beta

Google I/OOffline listening on Android

Google won't open source fondleslab Android before 'year end'

Google I/OHoneycomb stays closed until Ice Cream Sandwich

Facebook caught exposing millions of user credentials

App bug overrides user privacy settings

Akamai, Riverbed join forces to juice clouds

App acceleration marries WAN optimization

Leighton to build 100G bps cable to Asia

Links NextGen to the world

Microsoft Skype: How the VCs won and Ballmer overpaid

AnalysisIs Skype his next aQuantive?

Source code leaked for pricey ZeuS crimeware kit

Advanced trojan development comes to the unwashed masses

Unisys revs up big ClearPath mainframes

Looking for a sales bump like Big Blue

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