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6th > May > 2011 Archive

Sony continues slog from pit of shame

PSN and PC networks in 'final stages of internal testing'

Wall Street Journal launches own WikiLeaks

SafeHouse for whisteblowers

New York attorney general escalates Sony attack probe

Subpoena issued

PC rental store hid secret spy hardware in laptop, suit says

Keystrokes, screen shots, webcam pics tapped

Red Hat: Cloud will anoint next Microsoft

Don't pick Microsoft again

Perl and Python float on open source VMware cloud

ActiveState heavy-lifts so you don't have to

Crystal Acoustics PicoHD5.1

ReviewCompact, media savvy player for under-equipped tellies

Nutter preflames El Reg 'cockheads'

FoTWPre-emptive strike against Barnes & Noble outrage

Boffins develop method of driving computers insane

Test machine 'claimed responsibility for terrorist bombing'

Quiet May Patch Tuesday follows record April

The calm after the storm

Fake certificate attack targets Facebook users in Syria

al-Assad family suspected of spying on its subjects

A handy guide to cloud service measurement

That new black magic

Websites should notify European users about privacy breaches

European justice commish says EU privacy laws should be extended

Sophos buys security appliance firm Astaro

Getting into the God-box business

NASA shortlists three contenders for next robo-probe mission

Ice-moon sailboat, Martian drillrig, comet-furtler

Government close to reduced NHS IT deal with CSC

'Reduced scope' for implementations of Lorenzo software, less cash for CSC

Apple reportedly plans ARM shift for laptops

'Done deal', apparently

Sony Ericsson intros Xperia minis

Gingerbread biccies

Parents get iOS analytical toolkit to track kids' progress

With Facebook links to show off their progeny's intellectual prowess

TalkTalk goes silent

Integrated services, integrated failure

Duke Nukem taken to the shrink

VideoAction Man

Everest climber finds 3G signal, sends Tweet

Cloudline computing

Google sprays customers with cash in AdWords cockup

£100 voucher morphs into gigantic £75,000 bonanza

Woman with 15 IDs gets 7 years for multiple VAT fraud

Catherine, Allison, Mallory, Claire, Verity, Jessica, too

Java-based malware tries Mac-smacking cross-platform attack

Write once, pwn anywhere

World 3D TV sales to jump in 2011

But still only a small percentage of tellies shipped would pay to have benefit claimants' tattoos erased

Signing off before signing off

What treasures will the US really find on bin Laden's hard disk?

AnalysisRants? For sure. Porn? Maybe. Intelligence? Unlikely

JVC Everio GS-TD1 3D camcorder

ReviewPurpose-built stereo shooter for Avatar aficionados

Brocade shindig sees the fabric king stretching out

Comment'We're gonna change the industry'

Google offers to pop round and take some piccies

Takes the View off the streets: Go on, just a few tasteful snaps

MIRACULOUS new AIRSHIP set to fly by 2013

Helium buoyancy issue solved at last?

US adds jobs, but unemployment rate jumps in April

IT manufacturing and consulting rise

Samsung, Apple knock Nokia off top handset spots

King dethroned in European markets

Jaguar hybrid supercar gets green light

C-X75 yours for at least 700 grand

Freedom of Information Act inquiry ducks FOIA requests

Climategate email investigator and UEA both clam up

Microsoft ID guru quietly skips away from Redmond

UpdatedReport points digital identity poster child at door marked exit

Tales from the storage frontier: What's next for flash, disk and tape

Disk spinning slower and slower

Russian tycoon buys Warner Music

Len Blavatnik shells out $3.3bn for the music group

White House warns El Reg over kitten-killing content

Vulture Central hack runs for reinforced bunker complex

Elite coder readies £15 programming gadget for schools


Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman steps down

UpdatedNatty Narwhal herding no more

Dear Google and Facebook: You don't want Skype

Open...and ShutGive it to Cisco. Or AT&T

HP's beloved 12c calculator turns 30

Reverse Polish Notation. The geekerati's bond

Do-Not-Track laws gain US momentum

Google on wrong side of power brokers

Skype bug gives attackers access to Mac OS X machines

'Extremely wormable and dangerous'

Intel keeps heat on AMD with Tri-Gate transistors

Don't count that Bulldozer market share just yet

Ubuntu cloud chief beats CTO to exit door

Four in charge at Canonical

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