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2nd > May > 2011 Archive

Is iPhone data collection legal?

Musing on the IOS / Android / Windows Phone debate

HP forges 32-socket Itanium iron

Beyond Superdome

Space shuttle Endeavour launch delayed until at least May 8

No power to heaters

Skype sex cadets charged for misusing telco services

Aussie Defence Force clueless on social media

Tiscali wants Scality's ring

Needs some cloudy loving ...

Arcam FMJ BDP100 Blu-ray Disc player

ReviewVery metal

Welcome your robot overlairds, robots

Silicon servitudeNine years of silicon servitude in Scotland

Sony closes PC games site over security 'concern' suddenly unreachable

Pakistani IT admin leaks bin Laden raid on Twitter

UpdatedTwitterati learn of raid before bin Laden

Cisco rolls out data center pods

Wheels not included

Canada's internet future at stake in Monday election

Conservatives v The Open Interwebs

Mozilla answers Google's Crankshaft with IonMonkey

Another simian joins Firefox JavaScript engine

Microsoft maps WinPhone 7 path for iPhone coders

Eyes up Android

Free iPad content for Time, Fortune subscribers

Apple and Time bury half a hatchet

Small Oz carriers get license fee cut

Conroy tosses bone to increasingly bolshie industry

Pure Storage to dethrone 'evil' hard disk

Comment'Long live flash!'

Stolen smart-meter SIM leads to outrageous 3G bill

Tasmanian woman downloads herself into the slammer

Google intros video chat on Android

Face time over cellular

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